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Importance of Physical Education

Uttara Manohar Oct 16, 2018
The importance of physical education is no less than any other subject in the regular curriculum. Read on to find out more...
Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.

- John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Physical education, includes training and maintaining one's physical body through educational means. It is also about sharpening overall cognitive and motor skills via physical activities.

Why Physical Education is Important

With obesity at an all time high, schools and universities alike are encouraging students to take part in activities that require physical involvement in the form of exercise or sports.
Campuses today that are conscious about such issues, stress on the importance of physical education by making students take part in activities and sports. Here is why a child should be health-conscious at a younger age.

Developing One's Motor Skills

Being physically active means strengthening cognitive processes and sharpening skills. Exercising keeps the body in shape, helps fight illness and keeps kids at a healthy weight.
Exercising doesn't mean pushing the body to do strenuous workout routines, but also taking part in other areas of physical fitness like aerobics, swimming, tennis, badminton, and the sort.

Fueling Self-Confidence

Kids when overweight tend to blend into the wallpaper, often being ignored by others or just not being the social type to engage and be of assistance. They're usually the target of verbal abuse and teasing, where physical education classes are often skipped with weak excuses.
They can't see themselves in cool clothes as it is difficult to find clothes of their size. So they tend to wear over-sized outfits. By eating healthy foods and being involved in physical activities, they can be sure of a maintained body to be more active and outdoorsy.
It would build on their self-esteem when they reach a body type that doesn't fall in the overweight category. It helps them take part in events, be more open to team building activities and gives them a fair idea of how to take care of their bodies.

Learning Right and Wrong with Food Types

Parents if not conscious about eating, tend to feed their kids unhealthy foods. Hold parent-teacher conferences about healthy eating and how it affects kids and their performance.
Physical education classes also have sessions on healthy food habits and hygiene. Kids will know from a young age about the right and wrong kind of foods.
Teachers in charge of such classes should show graphic representations of what they speak of, to imprint the idea even more in the minds of children both young and old.

Hygiene is Everything

Physical education classes may not always stress this point, but a lot of them do. It is an important habit to remain clean and fresh everyday, where kids tend to be messy and unclean when they're young.
Classes stressing on importance of regular baths, clean fingernails, putting sweaty clothes away for cleaning etc, are a must in schools. Once it is drilled into them, they will follow it as they grow older.
Physical education is an important part of the learning process, and without it we'd have lazy, obese, and unhygienic kids in the world. Parents need to take responsibility for their kids as well as those in charge of physical education for being physically active.