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Importance of Technology in Schools

Manali Oak Oct 23, 2018
How important is technology in education? Why is it of significance in schools? Read on to know about the importance of technology in schools.
Technology is the need of the day. Technological advancements have made us take a big leap towards success. Every technological reform is a small step towards development. Every invention in technology is a step towards the progress of mankind.
Centuries ago, hardly anyone would have imagined working on a computer, or being able to communicate with people across the globe with the use of web and cellular technology. But there were some who dared to dream of such revolutionary changes and made the 'impossibles' possible.
Ours as well as our future generations are lucky to be able to witness technological reforms. We are fortunate enough to lead a life of luxury and comfort, owing to technology.
To be able to use it comfortably and effectively, we need a basic knowledge of technology. Its ubiquitous nature just tells us how important it is, in every aspect of life. How can the education sector be an exception? As schools are the founding years of one's education, it is important to train the students in technology at that stage itself.
Also, technology can be adopted as an aid in teaching. Moreover, when everyone is going the e-way, how can schools fall behind? Technology is important in the education today. Let's become more tech-savvy as parents and/or teachers. Let's introduce our children to technology, right from school.

How and Why is Technology Important in Schools?

For the Students

As technology is bound to rule our present and future, it is good to obtain a know-how of using it.
Children learn faster and can adapt to changes relatively easily. 
If they are trained in technology during school years, they have high chances of becoming experts in the field. An early beginning is always beneficial in the long run. We are surrounded by technology and are using it all the time.
The earlier our kids can master its use, the better for their future. And that's the main reason why we should train them in using it, from school age. If they learn to use it at a young age, they won't have to struggle with it as adults.
Studies have shown that children conversant with technology show improvements in their writing, reading, and math skills. The use of computers and video games is known to improve the hand-eye coordination in kids.
Technology has led to decrease in dropout rates, improved attendance, and enhanced learning abilities. Technology in school benefits students in higher education. It is a foundation for successful professional life.

In Education

Computers offer livelier explanations of subjects (with animations, videos, graphs, etc.). Internet can be a tool in teaching. It helps both teachers and students obtain vast amounts of information in less time.
Including technology in learning makes it enjoyable, inviting greater interest from the kids. Using lights and sound, information is rendered to a large group. Any knowledge is accessed easily with technology.
The audio-visual format in which information is presented, makes it easier for the kids to assimilate it.
Technology can ease the communication between the teachers, students, and their parents. A teacher can quickly notify her students of important updates or anything they or their parents need to know.
The students can collaborate better using technological means.
Computers can be used to do and store homework and other school assignments. Students can be saved of the effort of having to carry books to school. They can carry all the material they need, in the digital format instead.

For the School

The accounts, administration, and other office procedures (such as admission, leave, attendance, etc.) can be simplified by the means of technology.
Records of students, teachers, and other school employees can be maintained in an electronic format, thus saving paper and also ensuring robust storage and better data security. Timetables, the exam and holiday schedule, the plans for projects, trips, sports, and cultural activities for different classes can be organized in a better way, in computers.
With the use of networking, this data can be accessed from anywhere and by all the concerned departments. Data for the school library, sports/gym equipment, and the records of the sale and purchase of inventory can be made and maintained with the use of computers. Thus, technology can bring all the office work in the e-format.
Moreover, the school can host its own website holding information about its activities, achievements, history, future plans, etc., thus increasing its reach. Publicity through social media can help the school earn new admissions and good staff. It can also help the institution advertise for positions to be filled, thus aiding the management in recruitment.
Thus we see that technology benefits the school students and also eases office work. It should be a part of what students learn and it should be a part of teaching. It is also of great help to the management to maintain staff and student information. This is because technology allows for an effective way of storage, access, and distribution of information.