Interesting Topics to Study

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Interesting Topics to Study

Writing a paper or doing an assignment is a part of college life. But if it includes interesting topics, then they don’t seem boring. Read on to know some of the interesting topics to study this semester.

As a college student, one needs to present papers and finish assignments that requires through knowledge about certain subjects. With a wide spectrum of interesting topics to research that overarches anthropology to zoology, it gets a little difficult to decide which subject you might want to pick. This adds to confusion and makes many, take up topics and leave them half way.

Each topic comes across as interesting, as it reveals intriguing facts and mind numbing reports. But, as all of it gets inscrutable, one loses interest and gives up. To avoid all of these you need to get an overview of the subject you are going to study and consult your teaching faculty to help you understand a synopsis of the same. Let’s take a look at what are some of the interesting topics to study for college students.

Interesting Topics for College Students

Topics in Psychology

  • How does schizophrenia affect young men and women?
  • What is meant by social interaction?
  • How do individual differences in any organization affect stress levels?
  • What are the psychological reasons for depression. Are they mind games?
  • What are the causes and symptoms of stress in our everyday lives?
  • How does social anxiety disorder affect the routine life of a person?
  • What is the role of gender in determining the levels and susceptibility to depression?
  • How rapidly is human development changing with advance in technologies?
  • Mental development of special children.
  • Does gender and genetics really affect memory?
  • What is the distinction or relation between physical illness and stress?

Topics in Sociology

  • Why is it important to befriend your spouse before marriage?
  • What is the root cause of most teenage problems?
  • What is exchange theory?
  • Is there a common undercurrent for rampant domestic violence?
  • How does one’s body language affect the viewer’s views and opinions?
  • What is the genesis of racial discrimination in a workplace?
  • What is positivism and what are its effects?
  • Should same-sex marriage be legalized world over?
  • What is conflict theory?
  • How does illegal immigration in modern times, affect ancient cultures?
  • What are the ways for avoiding discrimination at workplace?
  • What is the impact of mass media on the public and political opinion?
  • What are the social processes related to globalization?

Topics in Science

  • How has Late Cenozoic ice-cap glaciation affected American Continent?
  • Why is there an urgent need to save Coral Reefs?
  • Why is developing biodiversity parks the need of the day and how does it affect our farmlands?

Current Affairs Topics

  • How is terrorism intensifying conflict of thought amongst nations today?
  • How can parental violence be controlled?
  • Should prayer in public schools be encouraged and made compulsory?
  • What are the ways to reduce the cost of prescription drugs, so that health care is easily accessible?
  • Should there be reservations in higher education systems?
  • Has racial profiling helped? What are its repercussions and what has it really yielded?
  • How feasible is recycling sewage sludge into compost?
  • Are single sex schools and schools preaching religions beneficial?
  • Should government fund stem cell research?
  • Should athletes be allowed to take drugs of any kind?
  • Are Taliban reforms for real?
  • Does television violence cause societal violence?
  • Does violence in mass media increase negative behavior in children?

So these were some of the interesting topics to study. While studying any topic, remember to look at it from all dimensions. Frame your arguments with a critical eye and put forth your opinion with conviction that is supplemented by evidence. Remember, that a topic will only get interesting if it remotely connects with your innate interests. Lastly, take a bird’s-eye view, before you delve into studying any subject, to assess whether it will hold your interest in the long run.

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