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Nurture Budding Leaders With These Leadership Activities for Kids

Leadership Activities for Kids
Leadership activities help kids to be staunch and successful leaders of tomorrow by fulfilling all the expectations from them. There are many fun activities that help kids imbibe leadership qualities.
Charlie S
Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
It is said that people with leadership qualities are very few, which results into very few leaders in our society and large number of followers. We all are taught to be leaders and not followers. But the main question is - why do very few people succeed in becoming great leaders and most of the others fail in their mission?
The answer to this question is the presence of some leadership qualities which are absent in other people. These qualities help leaders think rationally, and in a different way than the way of thinking of normal people. These people are capable of thinking big and are visionaries who write their future on their own by hard work and consistency. Following are some leadership activities which will be useful for kids to build this quality.
concert and stage shows
A child's leadership skills can be tested at the time when it involves uniting other children and organizing an event. To organize a drama or a concert, it is extremely essential for the leader to have team building skills. As a leader or volunteer, you will have to assign duties such as undertaking rehearsals, choosing the place for the concert, decorating the stage, cleaning and having all essential components, making seating arrangements, preparing invitation cards, etc. to your teammates.
sports activities
The sports activities to develop leadership in kids like being the captain of your school basketball or football team, are some fine ideas for kids to develop this quality. The captain of a sports team, needs to possess the right kind of temperament, a never say die attitude and developing a good relationship, unity and respect among the team members.
classroom activities
Working on a science or craft project, leading a team in quizzes are activities to build leadership for students. The project leader has to supervise activities like research, assembling of the components or the project model, presentation of the project, and the written draft of the explanation or project report which will be done by all the members of the group. A leader should be confident, knowledgeable, and outgoing to properly execute any task given to him.
Leadership activities for kids aim at developing the risk-taking abilities, decision-making abilities and the ability to shoulder responsibilities. The leadership challenges these activities will train them in this regard, quite early and increase their chances of becoming a leader.