Leadership Activities for Middle School Students

Useful Activities to Ingrain Leadership in Middle School Students

What kind of leadership activities can middle school students participate in? To know the answer to this question, go through this article which has some unique suggestions on the same.
Middle school students, these days, are seen participating in many activities apart from their regular studies. This not only provides them with much-needed recreation from their studies, but also helps them learn new things in life and improve their overall personality. Many schools have introduced leadership activities for middle school students to make them dynamic and outgoing by nature. A suggestion here, would be that these activities should be done by the students with self-interest and enthusiasm, and not just because their teachers have asked them to do so. In the next few paragraphs, let us discuss the activities which can enable them to understand leadership and its benefits in their daily life.
Teaching Underprivileged Kids
Teaching underprivileged kids can be one of the best activities for middle school children. These children can go to orphaned children homes or child care centers and conduct general knowledge and language sessions for kids who do not have access to educational facilities. For this activity, a student will have to be well prepared, which will be an added advantage, to answer the queries asked by kids. Thereby inculcating a sense of responsibility and planning which are key leadership qualities.
Social Service Programs
Social service programs can be ideal activities to instill leadership in students. Such activities need good planning and execution abilities. These students will be able to learn how to plan an event and what strategies should be used to complete it with positive results. Blood donation programs, taking care of elderly people, helping people with disabilities can be included in these social service programs.
Organizing Events in School
Organizing events in school can be one of the finest activities to find leaders for groups. Students can come forward and organize events such as sports day, cultural programs, music events, singing competitions, quizzes, recitation competitions, debate or felicitation programs. Organizing such events is not a one man task and would require students to work in a team. This itself will help them learn team building skills as they would discuss with each other and then implement their plans. For doing these activities, leaders need to be appointed for every small task and teachers can guide these leaders by giving them suggestions and useful tips of accomplishing work properly.
Environment Awareness Campaigns
It has been observed that many people among us are actually unaware of environment protection measures, yet don't undertake them. Students can appeal to the citizens to save water and suggest ways of keeping the surroundings clean and tidy by adopting effective waste disposal measures. Tree plantation program can be a good activity to induce leadership skills in students of middle school. The students can be divided into groups and a leader should be appointed for every group. The leader will guide the students about how to proceed with the tree plantation activity. At the same time, they can also prepare charts and banners which will give people information about the importance of planting and saving trees. This program is ideal for developing leadership skills and confidence among students of middle school.
Sports Activities
Playing sports which involve teams, like football, basketball can be great activities for students. These sports will test coordination, understanding and leadership traits in them. The team which has a good leader who chalk out effective strategies at the right time, will obviously win the challenge. Students will be able to learn from their mistakes and also seek guidance from their coach. Thus, sports activities can be considered to be best way to develop unity and hard work among participating students.
These were some of the fantastic leadership activities for middle school students for their future career development. You will certainly notice a good change in high school students after making them participate in these activities for a few months. Hope, that these suggested activities will help young minds tap their latent qualities and understand the importance of leadership, I would like to sign off here wishing you all the best!
Sports Activities
Environment Awareness Campaigns