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Decorations for Locker

Aparna Jadhav Oct 6, 2018
We are always eager to decorate our schools lockers in a unique and beautiful way. Take a look at some great ideas for the same in the content.
Decorating lockers at school has become a sort of tradition in kids. There are many ways in which they can be decorated and made to look attractive. These can be done using some great locker decorations which are available in stores or you can make them on your own.
Girls and boys have this on their list of hobbies when they get their lockers, as this talks a lot about their personalities too. The best part about these decorations is that you can be as random as you want, since it is your personal locker.

Decorating Your Locker

The decorations you choose can be as colorful as you like, since it is good to give your eyes a break from just reading those black letters on white paper. If you like drawing cartoons and pictures, you can come up with some great homemade decorations using your own ideas and creativity.
But if you want to make it more interesting and colorful with other decorations, there are many themed locker accessories available in stores. Also, it is not a rule that you must have the same school decorations for more than a year; you can always redecorate your locker with fresh colors and ideas whenever you wish for a change.

Ideas For Girls

  • Girls always love to decorate everything they own, and make it look flashy and attractive.
  • The first thing you can do to start decorating your locker is getting your favorite magnetic wallpaper and place it all over the walls of the locker. Wallpapers give a unique look to the interior and prove to be beneficial as the locker does not get glue marks.
  • You can use stickers, key chains, and other accessories of characters like Hannah Montana, High School Musical, etc.
  • The lockers are made of metal, you can use picture magnets to decorate.
  • Mirrors are a must in all girls' lockers ( to glance at your pretty faces now and then). Pen holders, posters, and reminder boards are great additions to the lockers.

Ideas For Boys

  • Guys, on the other hand, do not care to decorate their lockers. They just use basic decorations for lockers to identify with them.
  • Wallpapers are definitely a must for the boys too, as spoiling the lockers with scraped stickers and glue marks is not advisable for the next kid using your locker.
  • Boys from middle and high school are die-hard fans of sports, so they can use a number of decorations for football and other sports which they follow.
  • The decorations for lockers can include magnetic accessories, trunk cards, posters, sports brand slogans, etc.
  • The best part about these accessories is that they are colorful and have respective signs which look great inside and outside lockers.
  • The decorations can include reminder boards to write timetables or the day's schedule. The timetables for the week's classes can also be noted on these boards.
With these great decorations and ways to decorate a school locker, you can simply pick your favorite ideas. Make sure to make them look great, as you will surely fetch a few compliments with these!