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Essential Stuff for a School Locker

Tulika Nair Feb 9, 2019
Time to get back to school? If yes, then it is also time to stock up on stuff for your locker so that you have all the things you need to accessorize it and everything that will help make life at school more convenient.
No one looks forward to an end to the long summer holidays where all you needed to do was play all day. But then as the start of the academic year looms large, it means getting ready for the school year and ensuring that you have everything you need to begin school with a bang. The things you need include stuff for your locker at school.
Lockers, if your school has not yet done away with them, are your personal space in the school environs. A closet space for your books and other stuff, you can personalize your locker as you want in accordance to themes you prefer or different color combinations.
In order to ensure that your locker is not stuffed and crammed, you can pick out things that will help you organize the space better.

Tips to Organize School Lockers

There are some important things that you need to keep in mind that will ensure that the school supplies you keep in your locker remain meticulously arranged. Also since lockers are rotated every year, there are chances you will have to indulge in some heavy duty cleaning before arranging your locker.
Before looking at different ways to decorate a school locker, check with the school authorities what you are allowed to do and what is prohibited. While some schools allow you to even paint lockers, there are others that will not even allow you to put up photographs inside.
While emptying out your locker the previous year, you should have ideally divided it into three piles; stuff to keep, to return, and to throw. This will allow you to decide what you can keep in your locker in the coming year.
Before decorating your locker in any way, clean it properly. Clean the insides of the locker. Wash and dry it, if need be.

If there is any stuff that is lying in the locker that belongs to the person who used the locker before you, then do not just throw it out. Check the papers and return them to the owner.
Next comes decorating your locker. This will differ from individual to individual with their preference and the different school activities they indulge in helping make the decision about how to decorate a school locker.
Do not go overboard with the decoration as you need to have space for all the stuff that needs to go into the locker. Be minimalistic with the decoration. Remember that a lot of people can see what you have inside the locker, so you wouldn't want to have anything on display that will get you into trouble or be embarrassing in any way.

Stuff You Will Need

Among the most important accessories for the school locker are locker organizers. If you are one of those people who always has a cluttered locker, then this is a great option you should make use of. These organizers can be hung easily and provide you with shelves for books and space to put up jackets and backpacks.
These organizers can be matched with the theme that you have going on in the locker. If you do not like the idea of shelves, you can get differently colored storage baskets, each of which can accommodate different items in your locker.
Several of these storage baskets come with a pull tab that allows you to easily retrieve the baskets from the shelves of your locker. Another similar option are magnetic storage boxes which come with compartments for pens, books, cell phones, lunch boxes, etc. These can be conveniently placed wherever you want them in your locker.
If you are the absent-minded kind who forgets everything and needs constant reminders, then you need to have a magnetic whiteboard, or memo pads. These will help you never miss a due date for an assignment. Just remember to put it up on the memo board.
You do not want your locker to stink and to combat this, keep an air freshener in the locker.
To avoid being a victim of theft you need to ensure that one thing you definitely do not forget to buy is a combination lock which will keep your belongings safe.
If vanity is important to you and you always want to check your appearance, then you should have a mirrorĀ in your locker. Add a couple of locker magnets to the list of accessories and you are pretty much done with everything that you need to start stocking up your locker with.
Now that you know how to ensure that your locker stays organized and what the essentials for school are, all you need to do is make a trip to the stationery store at your neighborhood mall and stock up on all the necessities.