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Magnetic Locker Accessories

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule Feb 6, 2019
So, it's time to go back to school again! Do you have any plans to decorate your school locker? Magnetic accessories can be of great help in decorating your school locker. Read on to know more..
When you are at school, your locker becomes an extension of your personality. While you take great pains to decorate your own locker, you also surreptitiously glance at your friend's locker and secretly compete with her.
From funny locker buddies to colorful magnetic clips, you can fill your locker with an array of accessories. Most of these accessories serve no purpose other than adorning the walls of your lockers.
Yet, you wouldn't imagine it without any of these cute, colorful things hanging up there. Magnetic school locker accessories are these days very popular amongst school going kids due to several reasons.


Magnetic locker accessories come with a magnet at the back, which sticks to the metal surface of your locker. These accessories are very easy to put and remove. You sure must be aware of the ordeal of removing sticky papers and gum residue from the walls of your locker at the end of the year.
By using magnetic locker accessories you can save yourself the trouble of cleaning and tidying up your locker when you are ready to move to the next grade. You can reuse these accessories the next year as well and keep using until you get bored and replace them. Here is a list of magnetic accessories that are widely popular among school going kids.

Types of Magnetic Locker Accessories


Magnetic buddies are similar to refrigerator magnets, only they stick to your locker wall instead of refrigerator door. You can find variety of cuddly animals such as lion, teddy bears, frogs, monkeys and dogs.
Your cute locker buddies will instantly pep up your mood after a particularly bad lesson. Thus, if you are looking for cute ways to decorate a school locker, magnetic buddies are a way to go.


Magnetic mirrors are a must have accessory for every girl or even guys. If you intend to look your best at all times, your locker mirror will help you to tidy up yourself after a rigorous gym class.
Apply quick touch ups to your makeup and get ready for a cheer leading practice after school, but not until you have checked yourself in your cute locker mirror!

Locker Organizers

These are by far the most useful of all locker accessories. They come with built-in shelves and storage units which allow you to store all the items in your locker in an organized manner. This way you can easily find the things that you are looking for.
Since they are magnetic, they can securely stick by the walls of your locker room. Locker organizers can be found in various forms such as wired, expandable, etc.


Magnetic locker wallpaper are the most interesting item on this list. Can you believe this accessory is a brainchild of a 16 year old middle school girl? Sarah Buckel, the daughter of Magna Card CEO, was fed up with the tedious locker cleaning task at the end of every year.
She came up with this unique idea of wallpaper with a magnet. Magna Card is the only company which sells magnetic locker wallpaper rolls in different colors and designs. You can custom cut these wallpaper rolls to fit your locker.

See Through Accessories

See through magnetic accessories are available in containers and boxes of various sizes. You can store a variety of items in these boxes including pens, pencils, eraser, hair clips, jewelry etc. Since they are see-through, you can find even the smallest of items easily.
Magnetic accessories are a cool way of decorating your locker. However, do not go overboard while decorating your lockers. Make sure you do not break any school rules regarding locker decoration.