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Math Bulletin Board Ideas

Omkar Phatak Oct 14, 2018
Math bulletin boards are an excellent medium to create interest in mathematics, among students. Let us look at some interactive ideas that can enthrall students, with the beauty of mathematics.
Bulletin boards can be some of the most innovative activities that can bring back students to mathematics.
The reason most students end up hating mathematics is the ineffectiveness of teachers in conveying its beauty and the fun one can have with it. Some realize the power and beauty of mathematics later in their life, as they take up higher education in science, but most harbor a lifetime of dread for the subject.
This situation needs to be remedied and for that, teachers need to come up with ideas to reach out and engage students in mathematics, for the fun of it. Math bulletin board ideas are one way of reaching out to students. It is very important that you convey how useful math can be in real life.
Bulletin board is almost ubiquitous nowadays in every school, college, and university. Having own class board is essential, as it can convey interesting bits of information that you are unable to convey during class.
You need to keep it updated regularly, with information and talk about it in class, to ensure that students check it out. If you come up with some interesting ideas, then children are bound to check it out regularly.

For Middle School

The middle school level math education generally introduces a lot of new mathematical tools and concepts. Many students find this transition to be difficult and you can aid that transition through some interactive ideas and activities, conveyed through the bulletin board. Here are some, that you may try out.

Mathematics Problem or Puzzle Of the Day

Putting up a problem of the day on the math bulletin board is a good way of catching their attention.
Promise a small prize for any one of the students who puts up a solution first. Let these problems be related to the math topic that you are currently teaching in class. Have a discussion about the solution later.

Real Life Math Examples

It is important to demonstrate to these students how math can be used to solve practical problems in real life. Put up a real life math problem and illustrate its solution, through the use of mathematical tools.
This will convey the power of mathematics to the students. Let them know how trigonometry can be used to gauge distances of far objects, how geometry is used in various engineering sciences.

Interesting Math Fun Facts

Share some 'Did You Know?' facts about various mathematical objects like triangles or circles. Tell them some historic facts about mathematics, like the calculation of pi, the golden ratio prevalent in nature and similar topics, that catch their interest.

Short Biographies of Mathematicians

Small biographical snippets about the life of some of the famous mathematicians and their discoveries will convey the beauty and value of mathematics. Put one up every week.

For High School

High school students are well equipped to handle and appreciate the subtle beauty of mathematics and the tools it offers.

Challenging Problems With Prize Incentives

Put up some of the most challenging problems that you come across and ask the students to post their solution.
Reward students who come up with the smartest solutions. Let these be real life problems which require them to apply math concepts taught in class.

Information About Math Competitions and Careers

The bulletin board is an excellent medium to convey information about math competitions and careers. This way, interested students can get in touch with you and benefit from these opportunities. Also, you can post information about class test updates.

Displaying Simple Solutions

This is a place where you could also display model solutions for some chronic problems that students find difficult to solve.
This can help students who are stuck with such problems. You could also explain math terms here, that are relevant to the topic you are teaching.

Information About Advanced Math Applications

You can post information about advanced math topics like fractals, calculus, and how they are applied in science, to appreciate the beauty of nature at a deeper level. Let this be a small peek at cutting edge mathematics, which will hook the advanced student who is really interested in this subject.
There is so much more, that you could do, if you just let your enthusiasm and love about the subject, take over your thinking process. Hope these ideas work out for your class. Maybe there is a budding future mathematician in your class, whom you may discover, through such interactive math activities.
Mediums like the bulletin boards can effectively reach out to students, but the most important factor, that will engage students, is the excitement about the subject, that you convey through your teaching.