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Middle School Math Games

Middle School Math Games

Thanks to math games, the idea of studying has been revolutionized completely. The way math was bought to the class was extremely different a few decades ago, but now, thanks to technology and inputs from educational reform teams that focus on child development is prioritized, due to which we have more aid to make learning math interesting.
Suprita Biswas
With the advancement in technology, children these days have an edge to learn through variouss methods. We must inculcate in them a habit of developing new skills which shall add to the advantage in their future years. Math is one such thing and it develops the overall confidence of a child.
Classroom Conversions
Let's get started with some middle school math challenges. There are a number of games that can be played in the class, not only for learning, but also to develop a sense of competition and the desire for improvement among the students.

1. Divide the class into three. Each team can be given a math theorem and asked to make a mini project about it. They can include the history of the theorem, some nice pictures, some interesting facts related to it and finally a few sums based on the theorem.
2. Divide the class into three teams. One member of each team comes to the board. The teacher asks a simple sum and the first one to complete, with the correct solution, earns 2 points for his team.

3. All the students are made to stand in their places. The teacher asks questions and the students can answer randomly. Whoever gives the correct solution first, can sit. At the end, the person who remains standing gives a treat.
While the main focus of the games must be on interactive learning through problem solving, the teacher must remember that the games must be really interesting to hold their attention.
Indoor Indices
Your daughter spends her evening in the kitchen with you, instead of completing her homework. You wonder if it's 'mommy love' or is it 'algebra allergy'. Well, get her to bake a batch of binomials. Get all the ingredients and ask her to calculate the quantity and therefore the ratio. You can ask her to calculate the price of each ingredient and in turn, the cost of making the cookies.
Once you are done with it, get started with the baking. Find out if she wants to sell some of them and she can keep the profit in case all her calculations are correct. Ask her to make a rough draft and get going. She learns to earn her pocket money and your job is done.
Online Ordinates
There are innumerable online sites which have again, innumerable activities, games and puzzles. Games which are highly popular are listed below.
  • Comets
  • Mancala
  • Five dollar bill scrambler
  • Cows and bulls
  • Bread winner
Though a child must be encouraged to socialize instead of living in seclusion, there must be no compromise when it comes to new learning.
External Equations
The knowledge of basic mathematics is essential for using money properly. If a child is given an opportunity, he would be amused to know the relevance of math in his day-to-day activities. Tell him to calculate the expenses of a fun night out. First, he needs to make a list of all the activities he wants to enjoy during his fun evening.
Then, he needs to find out the prices. Starting from movie ticket expenses and popcorn to joyrides and traveling, he has to find out all expenses including the sales tax. Check the list and hand him over the exact amount. Your child would not only learn calculations, but also the importance of calculated expenditure.
A competitive atmosphere converts an otherwise mundane afternoon into a live ground full of activities. Riddles/puzzles, memory builders and other games can activate the minds of the little geniuses in no time. The numbers they dread the most can open a whole new world of surprises for them.