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Online Educational Computer Games

Manali Oak Mar 2, 2019
Do you think that online games cannot be educational? For information about educational computer games, read on...
The ongoing development of computer and Internet applications has resulted in the emergence of a whole new species of online computer games. Yes, online games form a major part of the Internet media. They have managed to draw in a large section of users, who indulge in online gaming activities for educational and entertainment purposes.
Online computer games have amassed immense popularity from web users and their development continues. Considering the rising popularity of online gaming; game developers ventured into new areas of online game creation and the genre of educational computer games was born.
With the advent of educational online games, the Internet came to be regarded as a platform where learning was fun. Online educational games brought together, education and entertainment. They contributed to bringing the dream of interactive learning into reality.
Owing to the multimedia capabilities of computers and the audio and video streaming features supported by the Internet, lively and interactive educational games can be developed. Thanks to the relatively easy methods of Internet access, online educational games could amass a huge following.
What do educational computer games offer? They offer an innovative approach to teaching and learning and help in motivating the students towards education. They serve as an excellent aid to education and provide teachers with creative tools to educate children.
They are intended to teach their users, a certain subject, reinforce certain concepts and assist the development of their learning skills. Online educational games cater to a wide range of web users. Some cater to the educational needs of high school and college kids while others are meant for preschoolers.
Their layout and functionality varies depending on the age group of the users they cater to. Educational computer games for preschoolers often aim at assisting kids with development skills and introducing them to numbers, alphabets, basic shapes and colors.
These online games often offer the preschool kids, an opportunity to color pages, play math and letter games, solve simple riddles and thus acquire preliminary education through interesting ways. Some online educational games assist the preschoolers with certain creative art and craft activities.
Educational computer games designed for school and college students include activities like building words and playing with numbers and understanding basic concepts in science through interactive learning. Fundamentals of geometry can be effectively explained with computer games due to the computer's ability of displaying 3-D images and animations.
Scientific concepts like rotation, Earth's gravitation, motion and acceleration can be explained with the help of computer games, thus adding fun to learning. Many websites offer free online games like treasure hunts, memory games and puzzles. Some websites feature quizzes, at times, derived from television shows and quiz contests.
Online game developers target the masses by deriving concepts from popular reality shows, video games or other traditionally prevalent games. Online adventure games are nonetheless educative as they help in the development of problem-solving and analytical skills.
Many adventure games also require the players to plan strategically, analyze situations, venture risks and resolve mysteries. True, some computer games involve violence. An overexposure to online games can result in adverse effects on the players.
An adequate use of the Internet media is sure to help in making education, a fun-filled activity. Educational online games add to the fun element to education and make the otherwise monotonous process of learning, an enjoyable endeavor!