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Pep Rally Games That'll Electrify the Crowds Like Crazy

Pep Rally Games
Organizing a few pep rally games is the perfect way to build team spirit, and get everyone motivated. Read the EduZenith article to find games that will pump everybody in the crowd.
Sheetal Mandora
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2018
Tug of war
While organizing a pep rally, the most factor in making the event a success is to be prepared, always. The agenda of the event should include all the details such as games, key people to attend the event, the theme is taken care of, songs, etc. Always stick to the schedule and if you have any chores that can be done in a hurry, do them. The reason I am starting this article about the necessary preparations for pep rallies is because you don't want to get distracted all the time.
Many times, the audience (middle school and high school students, teachers, school principal, and administration officials) come to enjoy the event. Which is why, being prepared thoroughly is the key to a smooth-running event. Everybody comes on the day to encourage and support the athletes and help build school spirit. And to elevate the excitement even more, the following games can be very useful.
Baby Bottle Game
This is middle school game can be enjoyed by everyone. Take a baby's bottle and fill it with ice-cold energy drink, lemon juice, or aerated beverage. One by one, ask people to drink the content as quickly as they can. Whoever do, gets a prize.
Changing Clothes Game
For this game, you will need some costumes from the drama class and 2 teams. Have the teams stand in the center of the basketball court along with all the costumes. Time them as they take turns playing this game. Now, when the whistle blows, the team has to start wearing the costumes and run towards the basketball ring to dunk the ball. Whichever team takes the least amount of time to finish dunking all the balls wins.
Eating Contest Game
Get hotdogs and fountain drinks ready for the contestants. Start the clock and time the players as they gorge down the hotdogs and drink. The person who finishes first, wins a prize.
Animal Game
This game is for the senior athletes; so it makes a great rally games for high school. Have them stand in front of the student body and blindfold all the players. Separate them in 2 teams and give each team 1 animal. The teams will stand at opposite sides of the auditorium or field. Tell them which animal either team has and they have to make that animal's noise to find one another. If they succeed in bringing both animals together, they get a prize.
Chicken Walk Game
Lay a large plastic sheet across the gym floor and place plastic spoons and eggs on it. Blindfold the athletes and ask them to walk from one side of the gym to the other side. The catch is, they can't crush the eggs. Just as they begin, have other people remove the eggs from the plastic sheet. The athletes will have to raise their legs as high as they can to avoid the eggs which aren't even there.
Tug of War Game
Make 2 teams: one with the students and the other with the teachers. This game really gets everyone pumped. Playing against the adults (teachers and administrators) gives the participants to loosen up. Have prizes ready for the team that wins.
These were some fun and exciting rally games. So raise your "Go Team" banners and cheer with all your heart "No one can beat us" because the pep rally has commenced.