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Catchy Pep Rally Ideas

Megha Tiwari Oct 6, 2018
Pep rallies are the ways to cheer up the students for the big game. Here we have a bunch of ideas to make your game a huge success.
Pep rallies are primarily seen in the United States, Belize, and Canada. It's a gathering before any sports event, especially of students, to support and boost the spirit of the team. They are full of excitement for the upcoming game.
The cheerleader boisterously leads the chants to keep the crowd involved. To fill with zeal and enthusiasm in the crowd, cheerleaders must always have some innovative ideas for the pep rally. Cheer-leading helps to get the audience poll and also grab attention of the crowd.

Rally Themes

Face Paint:

Paint the face with the color of your team or make the monogram of the team by using stencils.

Periodic Themes:

Imitate the fashion and hair style of 60s or 70s. Involve the faculty members, headmaster and senior players of the team. Make them dress up in funny ways. Kids always love to see such things.


Nerds are the one who stand out from the group because they are shy and unattractive. Involve them too. It works best to keep the spirits up.


Let the player carry the mascot on the platform and in the ground like kings to give an effect of superiority.

Spell it Aloud:

Fill giant letter balloons with candies and make the players run with the balloons as their names are announced. Ask the players to pop the balloons to release the candies.

Rally Games

"Miss Pep Rally":

Ask the players to dress into girl's clothes and give them girl names like Timi for Tim, Joan for John. Make the players walk on the platform. The one who gets maximum applause, wins.

Mock Game:

Recruit mock players of the opposing team and cheerleaders with heavy makeup. Allow them to mess up on some trivial issue. The audience will enjoy it.

"Honey I Love You":

Pick out five boys and five girls. Make boys and girls sit in pairs facing each other. Let one partner (boy) walk down to the other and ask "Honey do you love me?" The girl should answer "Honey I love you, but cannot smile." Without smiling or laughing and continuously staring into each other's eyes. The pair which lasts the longest wins.

"Pie Search":

Select a few students from the crowd. Recruit a mock captain out of them. Blind fold him and make him sit. Place a pie in front of them and ask them to search a starburst in the pie without using hands. The catch is, blindfold only the captain and let him search the starburst. It will be great to see the captain alone going crazy to find the starburst.

"Good Shot":

Select two students from each class. Apply shaving cream on the one's face and then ask the other one to throw Cheetos on his face. The one with maximum cheetos stuck on his face wins. You can also scroll through some of the interesting school activities that could keep you going.
Adding catchy and funny speeches and skits to the show is a good idea. You can always have some music to keep the audience entertained. Keep in mind that you must be creative and original. Do something extraordinary to grab the attention of the crowd. Now that you are loaded with new and innovative ideas, go ahead and enjoy the day!