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Use These Pep Rally Themes to Create an Exuberant Atmosphere

Rujuta Borkar Apr 17, 2019
A pep rally is synonymous with egging on the team spirit of any school and that's why, different pep rally themes become important. Continue reading for some interesting ideas on these themes.
A pep rally has to be something that all students look forward to. A tradition that unites all the students in the single quest for encouraging the teams before a major sports event. These pep rallies aren't the dull and drab kind, but have at their base the distinct characteristic of making it a fun-filled event.
Think buntings and sign boards and message placards, think cheerleading cheers and chants and think teams with slogans! That's the general ambiance that precedes a pep rally.
Now then, a pep rally is a place that the students take off from their work and use as a medium to encourage their school team. No pressure school activities and games are played and the different and unique pep rally themes and ideas add to the fun.
The teams are duly relaxed before the sports events and enough encouragement and support is shown. The fun part about this event is that there are several themes and ideas that come to be and each one of them is more fun than the other.
Half of the fun is the preparation of a pep rally. Let us explore some ideas if your school is planning a pep rally soon.

Dress Code

A week before the pep rally, get all the students to pick out a chit from a huge bowl of chits. These chits will have a dress code specified on them. Each of the students have to wear what they've picked out in the chit on the day of the party.
Make the costumes completely whacky and mad so that there is a whole lot of entertainment provided for at the rally. Then have them parade on some of wacky songs on the day of the rally.

Cheerleading Outfits

The cheerleading team and the sports team switch places. The opposite team wears the attire of the boys, they'll be in cheerleading outfits and the girls they'll be in the guy's outfits.

Games Night

Have the teams play a lot of fun party games to get the spirit high. That is theme enough. Here are some of the games you can play.

Gummy Bear Treat

Have the team sit at a table and blindfold them. Then have someone use a stick to which a gummy bear has been tied and dangle it in front of the team. On the whistle, the contestants are supposed to find the gummy bear with their mouths and tongues and eat it. The team member who does it first is the winner.

Frozen T-Shirt

Have shirts frozen till they have a layer of ice on them. Thaw these and keep them ready for the day of the competition. Ask for volunteers from the crowd to wear the shirts. The first person who is able to thaw the shirt and wear it through the freezing cold wins. And since they have no idea about the shirts being frozen, it's even more fun to play!

Tug of War

The tug of war is always a favorite game. Play this for the sake of team spirit.

Blow a Bubble

Have a pair from each class come to the center and have a bowl full of flour set in front of them.
There is a piece of gum at the end of that flour bowl which they have to get without using their hands and only with the help of their mouths. The first pair that is able to blow a bubble together, wins.
These were some of the pep rally themes and ideas that you can use. Use them and see the amount of fun that ensues that night. Have a fun pep rally!