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Pep Rally - Themes, Games, and an Abundance of Sportsmanship!

Rujuta Borkar Jun 18, 2019
A pep rally is always a great way to get the students into the team spirit and instill in them sportsmanship. In the following write-up, we will be giving you some ways of how to make a pep rally a grand success.
The gaming season starts tomorrow and an extra dose of team spirit seems to be the word for today. Banners of 'Go Team' everywhere and buntings making an appearance in the school colors. The gym door opens and cheerleading cheers and chants come out in sudden bursts of energy.
The school mascot uniform is being given a final fitting, the feathers being ruffled and fit back in, practice sessions on the side. The preparations for the pep rally in the evening are well underway. Then music starts somewhere loud and clear and the screams get louder and louder.
The pulse raises to a crescendo, the cheerleading squad makes its way, and there from the far corner of the auditorium enters the team and loud cheers and hoots follow... amidst clapping and music the captain whispers to his team 'That game is ours, boys'. The pep rally has officially begun.
That is exactly how a pep rally should be! A pep rally needs to be so enthusiastic, so full of energy, so full of fun and laughter, that it threatens to burst. That is what gives any school activity or a sports event the push that it needs to get into the field and make it a grand success.
Getting into the team spirit need not always be confined to words of encouragement, it can come through with different themes and games as well. And if you have a rally coming up soon and need some ideas to make it work, then you'll read the following post dedicated exactly to this cause. Do enjoy.


Yes, the auditorium or whatever other area you're going to be hosting the pep rally in will be decorated with balloons, banners, buntings, glitter, and foam (probably). And that's about it? Hell, no! Here are some really, really cool ways to make the pep rally something so much more fun! Use any of these themes and see what it does to your school spirit.

Glow in the Dark

How awesome would this be! Your budget decides where you want to take this one. Either just a show or something that has the teams wearing glow in the dark clothes. Spot lights of different colors, disco lights, blazing swords, and fire shows―Grand. Real grand.


If you can get the school to host a concert, there's just one word for it―wow. Get an artist who is peppy and fun. The songs that he'll sing will have to get the teams really into the spirit.

Music and Dance

It could be an all out dancing session. Completely just that. You can have varied choices in the kind of songs you choose - MJ, Timberlake, or the peppy disco kinds.
But there's nothing quite like dancing, and you know that. Also, there could be those skits and plays that are like parodies, you know? That is always fun.


The point of these funny games is not to be intelligent, it's just to have fun and get people in the team spirit. So getting a good laugh out of people is also a great way to make that happen. Here are few pep rally party games that you can use.

Eating Contests

Eating contests of any kind, whether it is eating bananas or chugging down beers. Always a success.

Blindfold Search

Get some pies and hide something edible like a raisin in them. Now blindfold the playing team and get them to search for it without using their hands.

Parody Mimics

Dress some people up as people from the opposite team and then have them come on stage and act out a few patent dialogs and mannerisms. The crowd? Yeah, it'll be a laughing riot.
And there you have it. A pep rally meant for the books! Getting into the spirit will never be so much fun.