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Perks of Getting a Master of Business Administration Degree

Here are a few rock-solid benefits of getting your MBA.
Finnegan Pierson Dec 20, 2019
Deciding on whether or not to further your education is not an easy choice. You are undoubtedly in a different place in life than when you first started your undergrad, meaning there are many more aspects to consider this time around. It is natural for your mind to go straight for the reasons why you shouldn't start this new venture.
Instead, start thinking about how an advanced degree could positively affect your life. There are probably plenty of decisions you've made that you wish you could take back, but bettering yourself will never be one of them. Here are a few rock-solid benefits of getting your MBA.

1. Career Advancement Opportunities

Those who hold a graduate degree have a good chance of being offered career advancement opportunities. In fact, on average, higher education graduates make around $17,000 more per year than someone without a master's degree.
That is roughly $1400 a month, which can easily cover a good majority, if not all, of your mortgage. The higher-level thinking that is required to be successful in advanced college-level classes puts you further develop in the right skills to help reach your goals. With an MBA, the sky's the limit in terms of your career qualifications.

2. Tuition Assistance

If you are working while obtaining your graduate degree, you may be offered tuition assistance from your company. It certainly doesn't hurt to ask your boss what the options are for furthering your education.
Explain how you could bring an extensive amount of knowledge to the table, and how it could be in the best interest of the business for you to pursue your MBA. Even if your place of work doesn't offer tuition reimbursement, there are still grants and scholarships available to help with the costs.

3. Entrepreneurship

With substantial knowledge in business management, you would be in a great headspace to start a business. Setting up a corporation is a great way to put your time and energy spent going back to school to good use.
Diving into a huge commitment is stressful, and certainly something that will take long thought out nights and a whole lot of passion. If you have an idea, try running it past your friends and family and getting their opinions. You may think about launching your biz on a small scale and see where it takes you.

4. College-Level Teaching Possibilities

If the entrepreneurship idea seems a little far winded for the time being, other options are available. There is a lot to say about someone who wants to share their expertise with the youth of today. Being a professor at the college level could be fun and less structured than the lower grades, as well as a good amount of freedom to make learning fun.
Teaching could be a nice little side hustle, and it is a job you can do on a very part-time basis if you please. If there was ever an educator in your life that made a difference, imagine how it would feel to be that person for someone else.

5. Bragging Rights

Having a college degree, better yet a master's is no mean feat, and would earn you some serious bragging rights. In all seriousness, if you are considering finishing your MBA, it would be an achievement in which you and your family may be proud.
There is nothing better than having that sense of accomplishment. Not to mention, there is a tremendous amount of value you can gain from it, and quite possibly a great chance to educate.
Before you enroll in an MBA program, you want to be sure you are all in. The good thing is, the benefits that could be a result of a few extra years of school could be life-changing. Regardless of what you decide, continuing your education is always an option you can pick up at a later time. Still, there is no better time than now to follow your dreams.