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Persuasive Speech Topics for High School Students

Persuasive Speech Topics for High School Students
The choice of a topic plays a crucial role in the success of a speech. In this article you will find numerous examples of persuasive speech topics for students.
Madhura Pandit
Whether it is your first or tenth experience of public speaking, you need to make a thorough preparation for it. Naturally, choosing an interesting an appropriate topic is the first thing to do. There are several speech topics to choose from. Some all-time popular ones, based on topics like vegetarianism, Internet censorship, safety, animal rights, etc. Apart from these, here is a collection of topics for high school students based on current as well as humorous topics.
Interesting Persuasive Speech Topics
Cell phones are anti-meditation.
► Banning bullfighting and horse racing for prevention of animal cruelty.
► Should euthanasia be legalized?
► Is health care bill good or bad?
► Facebook addiction is harmful.
Consequences of teen pregnancy are very painful.
Harmful effects of secondhand smoke are as severe as acute smoking.
► Vegetarianism can lead to a healthy and long life.
Sex education in schools should be made mandatory.
► Are the current norms on medicare eligibility appropriate?
► Advantages of advertising on Facebook.
► Dangers of smoking are too severe to ignore.
► Being vegetarian is the best option to have healthy life.
Funny Persuasive Speech Topics
► Not all is fair in love and war.
► Is honesty the best policy?
Advantages of mobile phones are greater than the disadvantages.
► There should be no law on right age to get married.
► One can never explain as to why marriages fail.
► Cheating in relationships should never be forgiven.
Dating games men play never actually work.
► Are Real alien sightings: really real?
► Why do men have affairs.
► How much is too much homework?
► What is beauty: a good heart or a good face?
Persuasive Speech Outline
Once you have chosen a topic, you need to follow some guidelines in order to make your speech effective. Follow these pointers:
  • Make a thorough research on the given topic through reference books or using online sources. You can also gather statistics and mention references for the same in your speech.
  • Form an opinion before you chalk out your speech. As it is a persuasive speech, you need to have a strong viewpoint and persuade the audience accordingly. For e.g., when talking about What is beauty: a good heart or a good face, decide on whether you wish to speak for a beautiful face or a beautiful heart.
  • Write down all the points as you gather or as they pop up in your mind. A group discussion will also help in collecting data and different outlook.
  • Now, sort the points according to their importance and make a rough draft of your entire speech. You can also write down the sub-points that you will speak.
  • Make a final draft of the speech and read out or speak out using a stop watch to check the time duration. Make necessary changes, if required.
These speech topics and guidelines on writing a speech will surely help you succeed in delivering the speech successfully. Along with a thorough preparation, all you need is confidence! So, work hard and go for it confidently, good luck!