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Prerequisites for Dental School

Charlie S Oct 6, 2018
A precise knowledge of the prerequisites for dental school is a must, to get admission in the best schools for our desired course. Check out this information on dental school requirements in detail.
Admissions to well-known dental schools are getting more and more tough with every passing day. The number of dental schools is less, as compared to other subjects in the field of medicine.
However, the number of applicants for admissions is increasing because the attractive salary figures. The requirements to get into a good dental school are indeed tough, and one has to have a great academic record to get through.


In order to seek admission in a dental school in the United States of America, you should have studied the mandatory subjects for the dental courses. Most schools accept applications of students who have studied subjects like Inorganic Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Organic Chemistry for one year each.
There are some schools which also need their applicants to have completed one year of English language studies. Having a bachelor's degree in a related medical subject is essential for admission to any dental school.
Appearing and scoring well in the Dental Admissions Test (DAT) is very essential to enter a dental school. This examination is highly competitive and hence would need a lot of dedicated efforts from your side. Admissions are given with first preference to those who secure the highest marks in the Dental Admissions Test.
The scoring for DAT is between the range of 1 to 30. The overall Grade Point Average (GPA) along with the GPA of subjects like Physics, Biology and Chemistry is also taken into consideration, along with the Dental Admissions Test results, while granting admissions.
The lowest GPA for getting admission in a dental school is 2.0 on a scale of 4.0. However, considering the intense competition, A GPA of 3.0 or more can alone assure you an admission. The minimum age requirement is eighteen years.
Applying by submitting duly filled entrance form, signed by concerned authorities, before the last date is mandatory. Your important documents such as address proof, identity proof and educational degree documents would be verified and scrutinized before your forms are accepted.
So, to stay updated about the dates of form submission, you should visit the website or different dental schools regularly. Online application system has made it quite simple for students, and is a hassle free way of applying and gaining admission. So, plan your career smartly for a bright future. Good luck!