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Ideas for Preschool Field Trip

Rujuta Borkar Oct 24, 2018
Need some field trip ideas for preschoolers? You'll have some of the most fun and innovative ideas in the writeup.
Preschool is a great time period in the life of children. During this time they learn to get out into the world and come out of their niche and comfort zone.
They learn to interact with other kids their of age and understand varied social skills like sharing, different etiquette forms, and how one has to be a part of society.
One very important factor that is seen to work in this direction are field trips. Field trips help impart practical knowledge to the kids. These trips introduce the kids to varied stimuli and help them learn about newer things and concepts. In this direction then, there is always a need for newer and better preschool field trip ideas.

Points to Remember

Some things have to be kept in mind when one arranges for these field trips to be successful.
  • Choose a location based on the season that you're planning to take the trip.
  • Make sure that you do the necessary background check of the place before arranging for a trip.
  • If possible, visit the place personally and check for the amenities beforehand.
  • It is important that you prepare the kids before you take them for the trip. Let them have an idea of what they are going to see there and what is expected of them.
  • Encourage them to ask questions at the trip so that they learn better.
  • Keep a list of emergency numbers ready at all times.
  • Brief the kids on how to contact you if there is ever a problem.

Field Trip Ideas for Preschool

Now the deal with preschool is that it is a curious age for kids. They want to be exploring newer things and learning about newer concepts all the time. It is this need that has to be looked into at the time of arranging for field trips. Something that will get them to learn about newer concepts and ideas.

Water Park

Water parks are a favorite when it comes to preschooler field trips. Guaranteed fun is promised for the kids. With so many rides, make it more fun by holding a session of water aerobics or playing certain water sports in the swimming area.

Animal Farms

This is a great way for the kids to get interested in animals and learn about pet care.
Taking them to animal farms or pet stores allows them to see and observe their mannerisms, eating habits, and the likes.
This can be taken as their first experience at learning about the different kinds of animals, the foods they eat, their voices, and more. Along with that, they will learn about more important lessons like caring for animals, treating them with respect, and understanding their behavioural patterns and mannerisms.


Another popular school field trip idea is to take them to factories. These are a treasure trove of gaining information about how a particular thing is made and prepared. A shoe factory perhaps, or a printing press where kids books like comics are made. Make it more informative by holding a question round in the end.


Take this opportunity to take them through the different isles and explain the basics of shopping.
Make it even more interesting by dividing the kids in groups, allotting a teacher or a supervisor to each group. Then provide them with a list, they have to shop for, within a budget.

Fire Department

The fire alarm, the uniformed officers, and the fire drill. Now will that not hold on to their attention and get them interested further? Take this opportunity and explain to them the importance of fire safety at home as well.


With all the smells and treats on display, going a step further and showing them exactly how they are prepared and what goes into making these treats and goodies, with giving them a taste of the treats, it is one of the most interesting preschool field trip ideas.


Zoos are another great idea for field trips for toddlers as well as preschoolers. Watching all the animals in their habitat and how they carry through their daily lives is a great learning experience for them.

Puppet Shows

The profusion of colors, actions, songs, dances, and more. Take this opportunity to impart knowledge to the kids by explaining certain concepts to them through this entertaining medium, it makes a better impact on them and they tend to remember things better.
As they say―that is the best way to get someone to learn things better and remember them for a long time after. Rest assured, they'll remember this trip for a long, long time into their adulthood.