Truly Innovative and Fun Ideas for a Preschool Graduation Party

Preschool Graduation Ideas
Preschool graduation ideas include many activities that are difficult, but exciting to plan and execute. Teachers and parents need a well-prepared plan if they want to make the graduation a success.
EduZenith Staff
Last Updated: Jun 7, 2018
Preschool graduation is a very important stepping stone - in the life of the preschoolers and their parents alike. It is the time when they say goodbye to their so-called baby years and start on with 12 years of regular school. A preschool graduation is an important occasion to mark this, and should be made a memorable event for the preschoolers.
Ideas for Teachers
Preschoolers, with their teacher, making craft projects for graduation day slide exhibits
Take photographs of the kids in action - during field trips, when they are playing or working on some project. These can help in a big way during the planning of the graduation ceremony. These photographs can be displayed in a slide show. Talk to a few parents who are willing to help out for this event.
Preschoolers decorating the classroom for graduation day
Decorate the classrooms with banners, streamers, posters, and craft items that the preschoolers have created during the year that they spent at the preschool.
Graduation hats and gowns are very important during the main ceremony, order these beforehand. They could have the child's name printed on each of them, with the date and year of their graduation. They can probably do this at the back of the gown or on the rim of the hat.
If time permits, write goodbye cards for the little ones and get them laminated, so that the cards could serve as a remembrance of their preschool days and they fondly remember their teachers too.
Also, a week or so before the graduation ceremony, conduct a series of mock graduations so that the children get enough practice for the main day. They could practice handshakes for the time when they are receiving their certificates, so as to avoid confusion during the actual ceremony.
Ideas for the Ceremony
Preschool kid, posing with family on graduation day
It is every parent's dream to see their son or daughter graduate. Preschool graduations, though small, still have a huge impact on the parents as well as the children. It is a transition phase for the children, where they move on from being toddlers to school-going kids.
Preschoolers, gathered happily on graduation day, with certificates in hand
The children should be made to line up like in college graduations, in the order of their names. When their names are called out, they should go up on stage and collect their "certificates" from the head of the preschool.
While doing this, a photographer should take photographs of the children shaking hands with the head of the preschool while getting their certificates. This would give the toddlers a sense of importance and achievement.
Gift bags, ready to be given away to preschoolers on graduation day
The institution could also have a small award ceremony to give out small mementos to students for things like best participation in a play, musical performance, cleanliness, obedience, friendliness, etc., to make the kids feel special.
Colorful Gift Boxes
Another idea is giving small gifts to the children at the end of the party. Fill a favor bag with gift items such as crayon sets, key chains, soft toys, coloring books, rulers, pencils, etc. Let the kids close their eyes and pick one gift from the favor bag.
After the Graduation Ceremony
Preschool kids play charades and other games, post the graduation ceremony
Playing games, like alphabet charades, musical chairs, pin the tail on the donkey, word games, dancing, etc., after the ceremony, is a great idea.
Like after every school-related ceremony, a photo session is a must. All the children would love to strike a pose for the camera with their certificates, in their smart tassels and gowns. A class photograph is always a good keepsake that the children, parents, as well as the teachers will treasure throughout their lives.
An enticing array of sweets for preschool kids on graduation day
To prolong the celebrations, have the kids sing songs or recite poems. They can make a small "performance" of maybe one or two songs in front of the parents. Hand out candies and sweets as gifts.
A small presentation of the preschool year could be arranged for the parents and kids. While making this PPT, the teachers should include photographs of all the children, but still keep it small and interesting. The children can be shown in groups playing games, coloring, or drawing.
A buffet of delicious food for the preschool graduation day
No celebration is complete without food and beverages. Parents could help out by getting the graduation cake, snacks or beverages. The school could also arrange for a caterer to supply sandwiches or pizzas, along with cup cakes, muffins or brownies. Beverages like milk or juice could be provided to the children.
There are many ideas and themes, which would make both the parents and children happy. Preschool graduation ideas are all about how creative the preschool teachers can get. Bring in a few parents who are willing to volunteer, and voilĂ  - you have a smashing preschool graduation event!