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Pros and Cons of Homeschooling

Buzzle Staff Mar 12, 2019
From ancient times, the concept of Home schooling has been there, although not developed properly. Of late, with innovations in traditional methods of schooling, people are started exploring this. Before making any decision, let us find out the pros and cons of homeschooling...
Let us get back to the future! Confused? Well... in the sense, let us get back to those olden days which determined a strong and healthy generation that promised a secured life for their parents and country.
'Home' is the first temple of learning. It is the pious place where a newly born infant is taught the value of relationships, respect, responsibility, and duty. Tracing back to those olden days where there was no alternative to seek education other than one's own home, homeschooling then was a common phenomenon.
Homeschooling is not a new concept, which is evolving now; rather it is an old concept which could not evolve properly and is blooming lately among us.

What exactly is Homeschooling All About?

Answering this question may leave you perturbed for sometime since we accept public schooling as an inevitable norm in our lives. Homeschooling refers to the education provided to children at home usually by parents or guardians instead of public or private schools.
It is an option for that parent who chooses to provide their child an education, which is deeply rooted with their chosen social environment, which they believe, is unachievable in schools.
The rising graphs do tell us a story about homeschooling, as a burning desire of parents to gain control over the educational bureaucrats and reestablish family as the only option left for child's education.
Now that you are familiar with the term, there is an ongoing conflict in you mind which is trying to pacify your urge to opt for the same. But wait... before figuring out to reach a final decision let us weigh the pros and cons of homeschooling.
If you relate each advantage and disadvantage along with your personal life, you can identify some inevitable benefits and disadvantages.

Pros of Homeschooling

Tightens Family Bonds

Homeschooling not only provides a child with a sense of understanding about the social, cultural, and ethical norms of the family; but also acts as a binding force among the family members. It gives the opportunity to strengthen family bonds.

Safe Haven

It provides you an ultra protective shield for your child, which saves him from the filthy activities which may attract your child. Your anxiety about your child's safety is eased and you are constantly aware of their well-being.

Greater Education

The child can choose the subjects of his choice and gain in depth knowledge in various topics. Such children are not made to cram information and can instead understand the basics of the subject and dwell deeper into the issue.
The take up education for the sake of knowledge. Today people are judged by their qualification and the number of degrees they hold, however none of these make you any wiser than someone who is truly informed and mentally empowered.

Reduced Mental Torture

You can save your child from the mental harassment he may face at the regular schools where bullying, mocking, humiliation is a common phenomenon. Children need an environment where they can feel free to express themselves away from the peer pressure, which may ruin his personality.

Invest Wisely

By providing your child with a homeschooling environment, you can wisely invest your time and your money in your child's education. You can show your child that learning is an exciting activity, which opens various possibilities.

Leadership Qualities

If taught well, home-schooled children do not need to be told often, when it comes to education. They themselves take the initiative to study, learn, and practice what they have assimilated.
However, they must not be over pampered and protected, as that would make these children too dependent. Children are the future leaders of our world, and for becoming a good leader, one need to have the confidence and self sufficiency to prosper and guide others.

Flexibility and Less Tensions

Homeschooling allows the family to make plans and go out for holidays and have more family time with one another, without worrying about pending homework, detention or lack of attendance.
It gives the children the opportunity to enjoy their childhood, without getting bogged down by daily commitments, fear of ridicule on not having completed an assignment. It gives children the complete rest they need and not get up early in order to catch the school bus on time.

Cons of Homeschooling


You have to spend 24 hours a day with your child since the whole responsibility of his education now rests upon your shoulders. However, this need not be true.
After the first few years of investing time and energy with your child, you can safely assume that he or she will be able to study on their own and follow the same pattern as taught by you. You can thereafter conduct tests and quizzes to check the knowledge amassed by your child at the end of each week.

Unrecognized Path

You need to justify to your family and friends who may not easily accept the path of homeschooling. Cousins and friends may not be able to associate with the strange lifestyle of your child, nor would your child necessarily accept theirs.
This can lead to the child become secluded, shy and inwards. Schools help develop social behavior patterns and it helps the child know the difference between wanted and unwanted people and their company.

Discard Other Responsibilities

As an individual, you owe responsibilities to your elders which may take a back seat with your decision to home-school your child, which would absorb most of your time concentrating on your child's performance.


Sitting back at home inside the four walls of a room may not give you the taste of the edgy competition prevailing outside the walls. There would be no spirit of competition in your child, as he would face none.
It can also seem a bit too selfish to deprive your child of the social experience that he or she needs in order to become street smart and adept with today's times.

Step Out

As a parent, you need to step out of your comfort zone so as to enhance your teaching skills and learn more about effective home teaching methods which is common in our society.
Making a hasty decision would take you nowhere...so sit back and weigh these pros and cons of homeschooling to reach a justified decision which suits your need.