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PTE Academic Listening Tips

Amit Verma Jun 22, 2019
The third and last section of PTE Academic is Listening. It consists of 8 types of questions. This story will explore those 8 questions with tips for each one.

Summarize Spoken Text

  • A recording of 60-70 seconds will be played. You have to summarize it by writing it in around 50-70 words.
  • Note down keywords when the recording is playing.
  • You don’t have to squeeze in everything while writing, just mention the main idea and stressed keywords.

Multiple Choice, Choose Multiple Answer

  • A recording will be played. A question is given on screen with options. More than one option is correct.
  • Note down all the important keywords while listening.
  • Don’t just look for a word-to-word match, look for the exact meaning.

Fill In the Blanks

  • Audio will be played, transcript of the same will appear on screen with several gaps. You have to fill those gaps from the audio.
  • Just write down the words directly into the blank as you listen.
  • Or you write down in notepad & then once the recording is over, type it in the blanks. Try PTE Mock Tests to see what works best for you.

Highlight Correct Summary

  • A recording is played, and several summaries of it are given as an option. Pick the one that best fits for the audio.
  • Writing down keywords is essential in almost all listening type questions.
  • Choose the one that’s closest to your written keywords and details.

Multiple Choice, Single Answer

  • Listen to the recording, and select a single option for the given question.
  • You have to make use of your notepad and pen here too.
  • Only one answer is correct, so eliminate those you are confused about.

Select Missing Word

  • You will hear an incomplete recording and options are given to complete it.
  • The last words or word is replaced by a ‘beep’ sound so it won’t be too confusing.
  • If you understood the overall idea of the text spoken, you will be able to select the missing word quickly.
  • Ditch note-taking for this one.

Highlight Incorrect Words

  • A recording is played and a transcript of the same is given with some words that differ from the recording. Your job is to highlight the words that differ from recording.
  • No need for notes, you can highlight the words as you listen to the recording.
  • Scan the transcript quickly if you can before the recording starts.

Write From Dictation

  • Audio will contain a sentence and you have to write the same sentence in the given space.
  • It’s not too difficult to remember the recording as it’s only one sentence.
  • Note down the sentence in notepad or space as soon as the recording stops.
  • Check for spellings before submitting.