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PTE Academic ScoreCard

Satvik Garg Jun 17, 2019
This story will discuss various components of a PTE Academic ScoreCard. The scorecard is the result, released within 5 days of the day you take the exam. All scores are on a scale of 10-90. The main components of this ScoreCard are: Your details such as name, nationality, overall Score, Skill Profile & Graph.


As the report says, the overall score is on a scale of 10-90, which is based on all the questions in the test. These questions might vary between 70 to 91 in any of the given test.

Skill Profile: Communicative Scores

Communicative Skills which are scored are:
  • Speaking Score
  • Listening Score
  • Reading Score
  • Writing Score

Skill Profile: Enabling Scores

Enabling Skills which are scored:
  • Vocabulary
  • Pronunciation
  • Grammar
  • Oral Fluency
  • Spelling
  • Written Discourse

The Graph

The bar graph displays all the scores so that you can compare them with each other easily. The skill’s name is plotted against their scores while a line somewhere in the middle represents Overall Score.

What These Score Means?

Every institution has different criteria for scores. Please check with your institution but the general idea is that 79+ is considered an outstanding score.

The overall score is calculated by various components, it's not just a sum of points scored on each question.

Don't Get Confused

Similarly, Listening Scores doesn't mean that you are scored only on the answers you gave in Part III Listening. They evaluate every question where your listening skills were used to speak. This is true for every score in the scorecard.

Good Luck for PTE Academic!