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PTE Academic Speaking & Writing Tips

Amit Verma Jun 20, 2019
The first section of PTE Academic is Speaking & Writing. It consists of 7 types of questions. This story will explore those 7 questions with tips for each one.

Read Aloud

  • You need to read the given text on your screen loud and clear.
  • Read it as it is. Reading ‘Do not’ as ‘Don’t’ can cost marks. Same with singular and plural words.
  • Made a mistake? Just continue, there is no option of ‘correction’.
  • You might wanna scan the text once before the microphone opens. You might want to familiarize yourself with PTE Equipments first.

Repeat a Sentence

  • You have to repeat a sentence you just heard.
  • There is no preparation time, so brace yourself and pay full attention.
  • Speak as soon as the sentence ends, better chance to remember.
  • If you can’t remember the whole sentence, speak what you can remember.

Describe Image

  • An image will appear on the screen and you have to describe it in your own words.
  • The image can be a simple photograph, graphs like bar, pie, line, etc., or something like life cycles, maps or Venn diagram.
  • In the 25 seconds to prepare, write down the keywords you want to mention.
  • Your response should consist of Introduction, description, and conclusion.

Re-Tell Lecture

  • You will hear a recording which will consist of a lecture that you have to re-tell in your own words.
  • Remember this isn’t about repeating, so explore your own vocabulary.
  • Don’t deviate from the content and don’t introduce your own ideas into it.
  • Write down the keywords when the recording is playing.

Answer Short Questions

  • A recording of really short question will be played and your answer should be in one or two words.
  • Give your answer immediately as the microphone opens.
  • It’s going to be a simple question, all you have to do is answer in one word. Don’t formulate a sentence around it like ‘The answer is…’. That’s not needed.

Summarize Written Text

  • A text will be shown on your screen, you have to read it and summarize it in one sentence.
  • First, skim & scan the passage. Note down the keywords and read it again.
  • Ideally, keep your sentence around 35 words.
  • Using conjunctions wisely is really important here.
  • Utilize the whole time to re-check your answer for grammar or spelling mistakes.


  • A topic will be given and you need to write an essay on it in 200-300 words.
  • Your essay should include 4 passages.
  • One passage for introduction, two for content, and the last one for the conclusion.
  • Don’t write in all CAPS. Correct use of capital letters and punctuation is important.