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PTE Academic Tips That You Need to Know

Satvik Garg Jun 24, 2019
PTE Academic is an English Proficiency Exam. The test consists of three sections: Speaking & Writing, Reading, and Listening. This story will guide you through the tips for each of the three sections.

PTE Speaking Tips

  • Take care of your intonations for maximum marks.
  • Always use the preparation time (time given before microphone opens) to formulate your response.
  • Start speaking as soon as the microphone turns on, else it will turn off after 3 seconds.
  • Don't use fillers or repetitive words.
  • Don't rush while speaking. Say your words loud and clear at a normal pace.

PTE Writing Tips

  • Always proofread before submitting your answer.
  • Don't write in CAPS for all the words. Capital letters should be used according to English rules.
  • Follow the instructions and¬†maintain the word limits while writing.
  • Punctuations matter.
  • Stick to the topic, do not deviate from it.

PTE Reading Tips

  • Pay attention to the keywords so that you can answer better.
  • Adapt skim & scan method to read quickly. It's important to get an idea of the text.
  • Proceed by reading the whole text, don't spend more than 2 minutes on a question.
  • You need to manage your time accordingly¬†if you want to cover all questions.
  • Read the questions before the passage.

PTE Listening Tips

  • You can raise or lower the volume too so raise it if you feel like you can't hear the recording properly.
  • Note-taking is really important in PTE Academic. Put your notepad and pen to good use.
  • You can only hear the recording once so pay attention.
  • Listen to the recording till the very end.
  • Time Management also plays a good role here.