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Qualities of a Good Student

Qualities of a Good Student

What makes a good student? What are the qualities that define one? In the following article, we will look through the qualities that define a good student and help you understand the same.
Rujuta Borkar
A good student is always equated to one who gets good grades. But is that all that a good student is? What is a good student, really? Is he someone who is the teacher's pet? Someone who aces every test? Someone who has the smarts? Someone who knows how to play his cards? A good student is all this and more. Cause you see, it's not just about books and rote learning any more. Being a good student takes much more than that. In that way, there are certain qualities that make him a good student. In the following article, that is exactly what we shall be looking into - the qualities of a good student. These will help you understand what a good student is and what are the qualities that one needs to inculcate in order to become one.

Characteristics of a Successful Student

"Successful" is a very misleading word. Many would want to equate it to being successful only in terms of studies, but it also encompasses other qualities. Let us look through these 'good student' qualities in the following section.

Knowledge is that one key factor that defines a student. Possessing knowledge that is not just limited to books and the syllabus but also includes things about current affairs and others. This allows him to draw from all that he possesses and use it in his studies. This also allows him to set realistic goals and then strive to achieve them.

There is nothing that comes without hard work and that is exactly what a good student has to inculcate. A hardworking student is not someone who will shy from work, or try to find ways to get the work done fast or for the sake of finishing it. He is instead someone who will do his work sincerely and put in all his efforts without compromising on quality.

A good student has great organizational skills. He has the ability to plan and organize not only his things but his thoughts as well. Being organized allows a person to be prepared for all the situations that are to follow and therefore, he is able to give all that he has. For example, if he has a test or a sports match at the end of the week and he has already jotted down the points or has made a note of all the moves that he will follow, then that allows him plenty of time to prepare for the same and understand where he lacks practice or skill and thereby work on it to improve. This could not have been possible if he had taken up the studies at the last minute.

A good student does not resort to unfair and underhanded means to bring about results. He is instead someone who is sincere and hardworking and does his work well. Students who work sincerely are those who will do their work on time, do all that is required and demanded of that work and ensure that they do not do a shabby job of the same.

Work Smart
A student must also have the ability to work smart. Sometimes a situation does not require hard work when it can be easily accomplished by working smart. Being able to gauge what the situation is like and the kind of treatment it requires is also one of the defining qualities of a good student.

Able to Mold
A good student is able to gauge the situation, understand what it requires and then produce what it takes. It means that he does not stick to a set routine and ideas, but be able to mold according to the need of the hour. This allows him to be prepared for any situation and he is able to handle a last minute crisis as well.

A good student is not a good student only because he is good at studies, but also because he is an overall performer. With all these qualities, he is able to produce positive results in all fields of work that include sports, co-curricular activities and studies. The importance of these qualities is seen not only in the way they mold good students but also in the way that they are able to transcend good students into good citizens. And that is where their success lies.
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