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6 Reasons Why C Students are More Successful

Rohan Kadu Feb 6, 2019
A grade students think life is all career and success and work hard in maintaining straight A's. While we may think that this tested methodology for success is what governs the world, reality says that C grade students who are more successful than A grade students.
In the words of Albert Einstein: "Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school." -- Robert T. Kiyosaki, Why "A" Students Work for "C" Students and Why "B" Students Work for the Government

C Students Understand That There is no Notion as Perfection

C students believe in completing work rather than achieve perfection in it in the first go. They take the help of their mistakes and rely on feedback to better their work.

C Students Follow Their Ambitions

Instead of attending extra tuition or co-curricular classes, C students spend their time in following their ambition by gaining first-hand experience.
This experience could be through part-time jobs or selecting career-related subjects that help them in their work. They value experience gained through performing work, rather than memorizing the theoretical textbook definition of work experience.

C Students Find Simpler Ways to Complete Tasks

C grade students have a tendency to come up with simpler solutions to problems. As Robert Heinlein states, "Progress isn't made by early risers. It's made by lazy men trying to find easier ways to do something".

C Students are Not Blind Followers

Rather than following the education system blindly, C students question the belief based on which the system is built, and may come up with their own agenda in case they don't agree with the way the system works. Steve Jobs, for example, dropped out of college, and co-founded Apple Inc.

C Students are Not Dithered By Failure

C students understand the value of struggle. Hence, they don't falter easily when failure comes in their stride, and take it as a stepping stone towards success.

C Students Define Success By Their Own Terms

While success for A students will start with achieving straight A grades in their academics, it's not so for C grade students. Rather, it's achieving the goals they have set for themselves in a specific deadline.
It is in these achievements that C students prefer to do the talking, rather than having perfect scores on their resumes. C students run the world.