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Scholarships for High School Students

Scholarships for High School Students

There are many scholarships for high school students given by the government and private institutions. One should refer to the list presented below and also search for other sources to obtain the related information.
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The high school students who are good in their academics but cannot afford to continue studying further can benefit from scholarship programs. Those students who want to go to college have to make arrangements for tuition fees and other expenses. In many cases, availing scholarships remains the only option for students to meeting their financial needs and continuing the education further. The writing scholarships for high school students also prove to be beneficial. Scholastic Art and Writing Awards are given to students from 7th - 12th grade for writing. There are many such scholarship programs available out there. Information about scholarships presented below should be useful.

High School Scholarships

Out of the many scholarships given to high school students, few of the important ones are discussed below. The amount of money granted in a scholarship and the reason for which it is offered have been mentioned as well. Take a look...

AXA Achievement Scholarship
This scholarship is jointly given by the AXA Foundation and U.S. News & World Report. Scholarships worth $670,000 are offered throughout USA at both national and state levels. To get this scholarship, the candidate should possess qualities like determination, ambition, self-respect and the drive to attain success. State winners are awarded a scholarship worth $10,000 each. Ten candidates from state-level winners are selected for an additional $15,000 each. Moreover, AXA also offers an internship program to these 10 people.

MIT THINK Competition
The underlying idea of starting the MIT THINK Competition is to promote science, mathematics, engineering and technology. Projects developed by high school students are funded and supported by this scholarship. A sum of $2000 is offered for purchasing materials needed for the project. Winners are offered a scholarship worth $1000 each. They also get a chance to visit MIT's Techfair.

Coca-Cola Scholarship
The scholarship is given by Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation. The total amount of money granted to beneficiaries varies from $10,000 - $20,000; this amount is given over a period of 4 years. The foundation supports financial needs of 1,400 college students every year. A sum of $3.4 million is awarded as scholarship on an annual basis.

Discover Scholarship Program
This program is used to grant scholarships for up to 10 students with each one of them worth $40,000. The criteria for availing this scholarship is as follows - a high school student with cumulative grade point average of (CGPA) 2.75 on a 4.0 scale.

Dell Scholars Program
This scholarship program encourages and enables the needy or under-served students from high school to get college education. Those students who have participated in the 'Advancement via Individual Determination' AVID program are eligible for this scholarship. A grant of $20,000 is offered to each student.

AFSA High School Essay Contest
Those high school students the parents of whom do not work for the United States Foreign Service can participate in the AFSA High School Essay Contest. Winner of the whole contest and the one at school level are awarded $2,500 and $500 respectively.

List of Scholarships for High School Students

The following list contains names of essay scholarships, writing scholarships and many other scholarship programs.
  • Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation Four Year Award For Seniors
  • We The People 9*17 Contest
  • Independence Day Scholarship Contest
  • Faith and Development essay competition
  • Toyota Community Scholars Award
  • Big Dig Scholarship
  • SPENDonLIFE Credit Challenged Scholarship
  • Google Scholarship Program
  • AFSA High School Essay Contest
  • Sir John M Templeton Essay Contest
  • Safety Scholars Video Contest by Bridgestone
  • Alvin Cox Memorial Fund
  • New Look Laser Tattoo Removal Scholarship
  • Hays C. Kirby Memorial Scholarship 2010
  • Holocaust Remembrance Project
  • Gen and Kelly Tanabe Scholarship
  • College Prowler Monthly Scholarship
  • East Villagers Service Scholar Essay Contest 2010
  • A Voice for Animals High School Essay Scholarship Contest
  • Coca-Cola's $25,000 College Bound Scholarship
  • American Planning Association's Essay Contest
  • College Prowler "No Essay" Scholarship
  • Frame My Future Scholarship
  • Mary J. Szczepanski "Never Give Up" Scholarship - National High School Program
  • College Matters Scholarship
  • The National WWII Museum's Annual Essay Scholarship
  • Marathon Scholars Program
  • JFI - Veteran's Day Scholarship Contest
  • NFIB Young Entrepreneur Award
  • Ashley Marie Easterbrook Scholarship
  • Brickfish "Off Road Nation" Contest
  • Herman and Katherine Peters Foundation Scholarship
  • Best Buy Scholarship
  • AFA Teens for Alzheimer's Awareness College Scholarship
  • The Fountainhead Essay Contest
  • Oprah's National High School Essay Contest
  • The Christophers "You Can Make A Difference" Poster Contest
  • Signet Classics Scholarship Essay Contest
  • McKelvey Entrepreneurial Foundation - e-Scholarship
  • Walt Disney Company Foundation Scholarship
  • AXA Achievement Community Scholarship
  • Brickfish "I Can't Live Without My . . ." Scholarship
  • U.S. Bank Internet Scholarship Program
  • Discover Scholarship Program
  • The National WWII Museum On-Line Student Essay Contest
  • American Planning Association High School Essay Contest
  • Sterling Honorary Award
  • CBAI Annual Scholarship Program
  • JFI - Independence Day Essay Competition
  • Making it Count "Winning Characteristics" Scholarship
  • Traditional Family Coalition Essay Contest
  • NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund
  • Bruce Lee Scholarship
  • Kohl's Kids Who Care Award
  • Bank of America Student Leaders
  • American Legion National High School Oratorical Contest
  • NetAid Global Action Awards
  • Help Santa Find the Perfect Real Tree Contest
  • Brickfish "Design a T-Shirt for Honest Foods!" Scholarship
  • America's Junior Miss Scholarship Program
  • Brickfish "Be a Milk Rock Star with Rascal Flatts!" Scholarship
  • American Heroes - U.S. Military Challenge
  • Brickfish Family and Friends Photo Campaign Scholarship
  • American Spirit Publishing Scholarship
  • Annual Signet Classic Scholarship Essay Contest
  • Sixteenth Annual Poster Contest for High School Students
  • National Vocabulary Championship
  • Youth Foundation Scholarship
  • "Dream Deferred" Essay Contest on Civil Rights in the Middle East
  • Red Vines Drawing Contest
  • Junior Achievement Nelnet Scholarship
  • Outstanding Students of America Scholarship
  • College Parent Magazine Scholarship
  • Maryknoll Student Essay Contest
  • Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes
  • Excellence Through Ethics Essay Contest
  • Siemens Westinghouse Competition
  • History Channel's Save Our History National Honors Contest
  • Avar Press Literary Essay Contest
  • Lemonade Series Writing Scholarship
  • Brickfish "I Deserve $1,000 Because" Scholarship
  • Presidential Freedom Scholarship
  • Brickfish Ultimate Fashion Challenge
  • Brickfish If You Only Heard It Coming Contest
  • Anthem Essay Contest
  • NAPF Swackhamer Peace Essay Contest
  • Davidson Fellows
  • National High School Poetry Contest
  • "What Is Your Dream for the World in 2020" Contest
  • Brickfish "Give Your Party Some Props!" Scholarship
  • "My Turn" Essay Competition
  • Students Helping Students "I Can Make a Difference!" Scholarship
  • Imation Computer Arts Scholarship
  • United States Foreign Service National High School Essay Contest
  • American Spirit Publishing Portrait of America Scholarship Contest
  • Duck Brand Duct Tape Stuck at Prom Contest
  • High School Graduation Speech Contest
  • UNA-USA National High School Essay Contest
  • Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship
  • Apple Scholars Program
  • Courageous Persuaders Scholarship
  • You Can Make A Difference Scholarship
  • Holocaust Remembrance Project Essay Contest
  • Junior Achievement "Excellence Through Ethics" Essay Contest
  • Hugh B. Sweeny Scholarship
  • Young Naturalist Award
  • Fourteenth Annual Poster Contest for High School
  • AAA Travel High School Challenge
  • Guidepost Young Writers Contest
  • AFSA National Scholarship Essay Contest
  • Eco-Hero Award
  • DuPont Challenge Science Essay Competition
  • NSSAR Knight Essay Contest
  • First Freedom Student Competition
  • The 7th Generation Community Service Scholarship Program
  • Angel Soft Angels in Action Award
  • John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Essay Contest
  • Fountainhead Essay Contest
  • Atlas Shrugged Essay Contest
  • Voice of Democracy Audio Essay Contest
  • National Peace Essay Contest
  • Free Speech and Democracy Film Contest
  • Federal Junior Duck Stamp Art Competition
  • Idea of America Essay Contest
  • Americanism Essay Contest
  • Sam Walton Community Scholarship
  • Interdependence Day 2005 Essay & Arts Contest
  • Alert Magazine Drug/Alcohol Abuse Prevention Essay Contest
  • George S. & Stella M. Knight Essay Contest
  • Stuck at Prom Contest
  • The Hitachi Foundation Yoshiyama Award
  • Ivysport Excellence in Life Scholarship Video Contest
  • APIASF Scholarship
  • Al Neuharth Free Spirit Scholarship
  • Rice Romp Essay Contest
  • Education is Freedom National Scholarship Program
  • Prom Wishes by "P" Scholarship Program
  • America Loves Math Scholarship Contest
  • ExploraVision Science Competition
  • National D-Day Museum Online Essay Contest
  • Young Epidemiology Scholars Competition
  • Optimist International Essay Contest
  • Straightforward Media Vocational-Technical Scholarship
  • Teenage Vision for America Essay Contest
  • Most Valuable Student Competition
These are the scholarships that can be availed for studying further. Scholarships are given by individuals and organizations in order to provide financial aid for the needy and bright students. One should try to avail maximum benefits for high school students through these scholarship programs.
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