Scholarships for Women in Engineering

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Scholarships for Women in Engineering

While women have effectively carved out a space for themselves in the economic world, the options for scholarships for women interested in engineering have kicked up a notch. Flip through this article for latest updates.

Women on campus, regardless of whatever field they belong to, have surmounted men and are continuing to do so with full pace ahead. While there still exists some bias between men and women, particularly in the academic world, women occupy a very small portion of highly lucrative jobs in comparison to men, and strangely earn less than them. All things considered, for the reason that women contribute to a major segment of the college crowd today, there are a large number of organizations, as well as governing bodies that are offering graduate and undergraduate engineering scholarships for women. These easy scholarships and grants have largely helped a lot of women in pursuit of the careers, which may not have earlier been acknowledged by them due to the high pay-offs and difficult student allowances.

Companies such as Microsoft and Infosys provide such scholarships, so as to foster its beneficiaries to join in their companies post their completion of graduation. Women aspiring to make a career in engineering can compete for a number of national scholarship offerings, which will help in financing their education. Note that, achieving any one of the engineering scholarships mentioned below will make the application procedure worth the effort.

Association for Women in Science (AWIS) Scholarship

For high-school senior girls who’re aspiring to make a career in engineering, this association offers college scholarships in engineering at a licensed college or university in the US. The amounts offered in these scholarships range from USD 100 to USD 1,000, as they provide easy scholarships for high-school seniors by providing them maximum opportunity to build a successful career in the field of engineering. AWIS is a highly successful name today, when it comes to providing scholarships for high school students.

Society of Women Engineers Scholarship

The scholarship programs of Society of Women Engineers facilitates financial aid to women, who are admitted in licensed graduate programs for a career in this field. Scholarships are declared twice a year; once in summer for junior, senior, and graduate women, and once during early fall for freshmen and re-entry students. Programs under license are based on ABET licensing for universities within the United States domain. The scholarships range from USD 1,000 to USD 10,000.

The Barry Goldwater Scholarship

The Barry Goldwater Scholarship is the most appropriate as 300 students annually from across the US achieve scholarships in the field of engineering for up to USD 7,500 from this organization. The only thing that can hold you back from achieving the scholarship is the difficulty level. It is necessary for you to be certain that you will qualify, as this one calls for a preferably high GPA.

The American Association of University Women (AAUW) Scholarship

AAUW has been one of the most influential scholarship organizations to provide women with easy scholarships for college. It provides financial aid for pursuing post-secondary study programs. According to the statistics of 2008 alone, AAWU has provided with roughly USD 4.5 m in financing more than 250 grants and awards to excellent women in the US.

New Mexico State National Action Council-Minority Engineering Scholarship

For options in scholarships for black women in engineering, this program is the most suitable. The amount for scholarship provided by them ranges from USD 600 to USD 800, and awards are applicable to Native-American, African-American, and Latino women students. GPA required to apply is a sound 3.0, however, the applicant is supposed to be either a US citizen or a permanent resident.

On a concluding note, career opportunities for women are ever-increasing with time. While looking for easy scholarships to apply for, most women think it is more than difficult to even qualify. However, there are thousands of quick and easy scholarships available in a number of disciplines. A successful application for a scholarship is dependent on a number of circumstances, since it is extremely important to prove that you are serious about education. The aforementioned scholarships are easy to get only if the applicants can efficiently testify their academic ability.

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