Scholarships for Women Over 30

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Scholarships for Women Over 30

Scholarships are useful when one, at an age past 30, decides to go back to college. The reasons for taking this decision can vary from person to person, but, improving one’s educational qualifications is a way to reassert your control on the course of your life.

One can learn at any age! Scholarships or grants that are provided by the government and various organizations, help you in doing so by paying for it in part, or in full, the educational cost that your decision may bring on you. If you know all of this, then what is stopping you from enrolling in a college or university. Our perception of a college campus dictates us to separate its occupants in two age groups.

We, generally, end up with a group in which its members are of 18-25 age and the second one, consisting anyone below and above this range which we automatically tag as non students. Maybe you have qualms about reentering a college only because you are now over 30 and no more a member of the group that consists of the young ladies and gentleman who perfectly fit your mental image of college students. Now, you can be 35 but, you can be as learned as them by availing yourself the benefits of a scholarships such as Obama grants for women.

30 Plus Women Returning to College

The perceptions can be misleading, but the reality never is. Even in today’s time of job cuts and lay offs, credit relief and debt settlement related issues, you must be aware that some people are doing well. Not only are they holding their jobs with ease, but they are sort of indispensable. Have you ever thought, how they achieved this status?

The key to their success lies in the fact that they are more educated than those who couldn’t hold even the low paying jobs. It is acceptable that, with the financial condition as it is, it is hard to find money to pay for the education you are interested in. In such a situation, one should look beyond her personal means and know about any financial aid that can be availed.

Current Grants for 30 Plus Women

There are government grants such as Pell Grant as well as the college grants that are supported by private institutions which you can search and apply for. These scholarships, by financing your education, can change your prospects and career opportunities, only you have to shed all your inhibitions and prove, successfully, that you can face all the challenges a college degree can throw at you.

To obtain Pell Grants one must qualify by fulfilling Pell Grant eligibility criteria. If you can do so successfully, then the Pell Grant amount that you are entitled to, can be as high as $5,550 for the educational year 2011-12. This is a substantial amount which can ease the burden of your college expenses and unlike, student loan you do not have to repay it.

Using the money from this college grants for single mom, if you are one, you can complete your education online, while attending to your child at home, to acquire an online college degree or attend a nearby university or a college. An online bachelor degree can bring many opportunities within your reach. By taking advice from the on-campus aid officer, or the concerned government authorities, fill up and submit a Free Application for Federal Students Aid (FAFSA) to apply for the Pell Grant.

Scholarships for Females Over 30 Years of Age

There are some organizations such as Business and Professional Women’s (BPW) Foundation, American Business Women’s Association, Black Women in Sisterhood for Action (BISA), National Hookup of Black Women (NHBW) which makes it their business to award scholarships, interest free students loans and grants to eligible women so that they can have a go at making a career.

The following is brief list of grants which can avail you as much as $10,000 for your education:

  • BISA Inner-City Scholarship Program
  • AWIS Graduate Scholarships for Women in Science
  • C200 Scholars Award
  • AWIS Undergraduate Scholarships
  • Talbots Charitable Foundation Scholarship
  • America’s Junior Miss Scholarship Program
  • Schools and Organizations Offer MBA Scholarships for Women
  • Financial Women’s Association Scholarship
  • Forte Foundation Fellowships Medical Associates LPN Tuition Reimbursement Program
  • Society of Women Engineers Scholarships
  • Medical Associates LPN Tuition Reimbursement Program
  • NBNA Scholarships
  • Royal Neighbors of America New Horizons Scholarships

Those who are interested acquiring nursing degree online can apply for the last 3 listed above. Winning these nursing grants can surely help you get a job in this medical field. Apart from US government and the organizations listed above, there are numerous companies and institutions which offers and awards college grants. These companies, in addition to offering financial aid, also goes out of their way to provide job opportunities to women completing their education successfully.

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