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School Locker Accessories

Parul Solanki Sep 30, 2018
Designed to fit into lockers of all shapes and sizes, locker organizers can be conveniently hung from one hook, two hooks, a shelf or a bar. Apart from providing shelves to keep your books and notebooks in place, they also offer a space to hang your jackets or backpacks.
You want to be the proud owner of the best looking locker in school? Well, with the help of some cool school locker accessories, you can transform your drab looking steel lockers into the coolest looking lockers in school. They will help you organize your everyday stuff and save people from the avalanche that happens, every time you open your locker.
For all those students who are tired of trying to fit a whole lot of books into a small space, these lockers are great space maximizers. And the best thing is, that you can choose the accessories that reflect your personality and style.
There are a whole lot of fun accessories available for your school lockers, including storage bins, magnetic dry erase boards and locker mirrors. So whether you are looking for function, style or a bit of both, check out some great gear for your between-class hallway headquarters.

Accessories for School Lockers

For all those who would like to give the shelves a miss, try using locker storage baskets. They will store your books, shoes, backpacks and usually feature a handy loop pull tab, that allows for easy retrieval of these storage baskets from the shelves or the locker bases.
These cool looking organizer bins are available in a multitude of colors. These boxes provide space for storing pens, pencils, notepads, makeup items, snacks, i-pods, and even those secret notes which are otherwise squished into overloaded lockers.
You could adorn the locker with a bright-colored rug. Most locker rugs have rough and tough backing to keep them intact. They are easily spreadable and flexible to be folded to fit the size of the locker. They are ideal for all locker sizes and add to the purpose of storage, by being durable.
Locker wallpapers are another accessory that you may think of adding to your locker. These wallpapers are specially designed with a non-adhesive property. These wallpapers may have a pre-cut layout which proves helpful during installation.
However, make sure that the wallpaper you choose must be resilient to wear and tear. Usually available in free size, these wallpapers may fit the bill for adorning small school lockers as well.
Add a shatterproof, magnetic mirror with snazzy looking frames inside your locker, for quick fashion checks between classes. Some of these have a 'hold it bin' for all your vanity items. So, the next time your crush walks by, you do not have to hunt for a mirror to straighten that cowlick!
This is a must-have accessory for all those 'amnesiac' students, who seem to forget everything, from their homework to the next assignment date.
With your very own melamine dry erase boards in your lockers, you can jot down important reminders and notes. Most of these whiteboards come equipped with dry-erase pens and cool looking borders.
There are a host of other locker accessories available in almost all departmental stores. Magnetic accessories, such as photo frames, notepads, clocks, etc. offer great flexibility and are available in various colors and designs.
Keep your locker dimensions in mind, so that these accessories can easily fit into your lockers. Most importantly, do take your campus rules regarding locker content into consideration.The last thing you want is you being whisked off to the principal's office, for buying your new magnetic locker light.