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Self-motivation Techniques for Students to Pursue Their Dreams

Madhura Pandit Apr 21, 2019
Believe it or not, but, self motivation is the best motivation. This write-up has some tips and techniques on self motivation for students.
Teachers find it difficult to deal with students who seem to have no particular liking whatsoever in anything that they do, related to academics, extra curriculum, etc. It's a difficult task to get them into action.
On the part of the students, there may be a phase in life where personal or any other problems may affect your work or studies and you may simply find it hard to concentrate or undertake any activity. In such cases, you may show the classical signs of being demotivated like lack of interest or energy, constant feeling of boredom and procrastination.
In this phase, you need inspiration or motivation to gear up things and get going. So, why look for external motivation, when self motivation is one of the best and effective techniques known today?

Techniques on Self Motivation


It is essential to have a dream goal or a dream target set before you start working towards it. You should set a target that is difficult but not impossible. However, you should dream big, as only then you will have a challenge to fulfill. Only when you have a clear idea on what you want to achieve, you can make plans to reach that goal.


Once you have set a goal, write it down or have it carved on your mind until you reach it. Chalk out two plans which you think will help you reach the goal (if one fails, you always have the other option to fall back on). But, you should try to make your plans as foolproof as possible.


You dream, set a goal, draw a plan, and then comes execution of the plan. You have no time to waste. Do not procrastinate, start immediately with your plan from day one! It is fine even if you begin with a small thing.
This is an effective technique for self motivation in order to lose weight or start studying.


Another effective technique is to optimize. Now in one way, you need to optimize your resources to their best use. Get along with people who have similar goals, make the best use of knowledge, put all the resources that you have to best use. Secondly, have an optimistic attitude as it is something that will take you halfway to success.


Who does not like a fete or a praise for the works and hard work that has been undertaken all the while. You need to reward yourself for every small achievement, for reaching every small goal that you had planned.
Reward is still considered as one of the best and most effective motivation techniques known to man. You can indulge in your hobby for longer time, go for a party, or take a small break as a celebration of your small success.
Apart from these techniques, you can also look for inspirational books and biographies of successful people in the world. Secondly, you can write inspirational quotes on a chart and paste it in your room and read it for motivation.
Lastly, remember that you should never give up, no matter how difficult or hard the journey might be. Because perseverance leads to success. Good luck!