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Should You Take the CAT or the GMAT Exam

Crackverbal Jul 26, 2019
The answer to this is not a simple A or B. This a very subjective topic as it all depends upon your ambition, needs and aspirations, because both the tests have their own potentials that are rewarding in their own ways.
The moment you decide to attend the business school, it can be daunting to look over the admission process. From making a list of colleges, to deciding which test your should be taking, it's all overwhelming.
The dilemma prevails till you decide to settle for one of the exams. Sometimes, you will also come across students who prepare and take both the exams.
It all depends on what you want. It is important to distinguish why each of the exam is important to you.

The CAT, offered only in India, is valid as part of admission process to IIMs and ISB. On the other hand, GMAT offered in 114 countries, is primarily accepted by business schools around the world for MBA programs.
MBA programs invite students across different cultures to their campus for diversity and inclusivity. So, CAT or GMAT, the B-schools you get in will offer you a great experience throughout. CAT vs GMAT is a huge muddle for aspirants who dream of getting into a business school.
These points will help you in taking the right decision for yourself.
  1. Syllabus, Structure, and Format of both exams
  2. Acceptability of CAT vs. GMAT
  3. Competitiveness among CAT vs. GMAT-takers
  4. Scope of percentile rank comparison
For more differences and similarities, check out Crackverbal’s CAT vs GMAT where you will find in-depth analysis of both the tests which will help you decide better.

Good Luck!