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Talent Show Ideas for Kids That'll Have the Audience in Splits

Talent Show Ideas for Kids
Talent shows for kids are a very good idea, as they bring out hidden qualities that children possess, and also it helps that kids gain confidence in themselves through such competitions. For this, organizers will need to get some interesting activities for the show.
Rujuta Borkar
Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
Tape the routine while practicing so that the areas of improvement can be identified and worked on. This will ensure a better performance on the day of the show.
All of us have our special talents and we are mighty proud of them too. A special talent lets us stand apart and feel good about ourselves. Being in the right atmosphere with the right kind of influences and resources in our life is important because that is what helps to encourage and enhance these talents to perfection. Which is exactly why talent shows are held―to showcase that talent and use it as a medium to encourage and enhance what we naturally possess. If you think about it, it is more important that there are talent shows held for kids because that is the age when they need to develop a positive self image and the encouragement will do them good.
children singing
Singing is a popular and easy activity for kids to carry out. The audience always appreciates a good voice. Choose song styles that are not common―like opera or rapping―and a better impact is guaranteed. You'll have to see whether the talent show allows for this style, but a kid doing it is awesome. First, there's the shock factor and second, it shows the actual talent through. You can make more of an impact with an appropriate costume and you'll have the audience loving it even more.
Dance Medley
children dancing
Perform on an especially choreographed song medley that showcases select favorite styles. Like the moonwalk or the famous step from Saturday night live? Put all that in one dance number. You could even do an era dance―starting with the 40s dance style and going up to the 90s. It's much more fun than dancing on just one number (though that's good as well.) And you can totally blow them over with your ability to handle different dancing forms.
children dancing
This one calls for an instant reaction. Not everyone can handle juggling, that we all know. So when a kid does it, the impact it has is even greater. Perfect the act and then go bowl everyone over. Another variation that you can try doing in the juggling act is to make use of hula hoops and handle them. If you can perfect this talent, it's really saying something about you.
ventriloquist dummy
Ventriloquism is not easy to learn and that's why it's a talent that is highly appreciated. It's not a common one either, so if you have what it takes to make it work, you should definitely give this a try. Another variation you can try in this one is imitating the sounds of animals or showcasing the speaking styles of famous actors or politicians as a talent show act.
Stand up Comedy
Stand up comedy is great to impress the audience. Keep it really simple by listing out a set of jokes for your kid to act out―complete with voices and actions, or you can make it a dual act with a classmate. Write a great script and make it more like a dialog instead of just reading out jokes. Also, make sure that they've gotten enough practice. And to seal the deal? Get them matching costumes to bring in the cute factor. This one is a fun talent show idea for kids through and through.
Jump Rope/Hula Hoop/Pogo Stick Routine
hula hooper
While each of these items may seem simple by themselves, the real fun is to use them in a routine. What will definitely enhance the experience is playing the routine out on music. One can also look into making it a group act―a maximum of 3 - 4 kids. Alternately, it does not have to be the same equipment that all the kids use, it could be different things integrated into a set. Make sure that you get enough practice. If you don't have time to practice, keep the act simple.