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4 Fun and Engaging Team Building Activities for College Students

Team Building Activities for College Students
Team building activities are meant to promote teamwork and team spirit. If you're looking for some fun team building activities for college students, you've landed at the right EduZenith post.
Girija Shinde
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018
When a number of people come together for an event or course, teams are automatically formed. Even if they're all strangers, people manage to find at least a few individuals who are a bit like them. The whole group is divided into sub-groups and they remain intact till the end. However, this can be avoided by conducting team building activities which bring everyone together. These activities also work as icebreakers, which help to get rid of the initial awkwardness that is always present when many people gather at one place.
Team Building Ideas for College Students
Human Bingo
This is an interesting team building activity for students. All you need for this team building activity is bingo cards prepared in advance. Fill up the card with options like I don't have a Facbook profile or I failed Math in high school, etc. Distribute these cards among the members. People should begin interacting with each other, asking questions in the grid. In case one meets a person who matches a characteristic, ask him/her to sign on the concerned grid. This is a fabulous ice breaker activity for students.
Divide the students in equal groups and appoint one leader from each group. Except the team leader, all other members of the group will be blindfolded, they have to cross a obstacle course. It will be the duty of the group leader and group members to guide each other, and group members have to cooperate with each other to understand the directions. The team which crosses the obstacle course and reaches the destination first, wins.
Thinking Activity
You will need a board for this activity. Divide the participants in two equal groups. Each group has to stand in a line. One by one each member of both the groups has to go ahead and write any word on the board. When he finishes the word, he has to run to the line, hand over the marker to the next member and stand last in the line. The first team which succeeds in making a meaningful sentence out of those words, wins.
Stressful Game
This is one of the best game for teaching the students to deal with stressful situations. Divide participants in two groups with equal number of participants. Each team has to be given one ball, all the members have to do is throw the ball to their partner. Sounds simple? Well, the number of balls has to be increased after a certain amount of time. If the ball falls down even once, the team loses. The students have to pay attention to see which ball is being passed where.