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The Importance of Learning Agility for College Students

Matt Thompson Dec 09, 2019
The only thing that is constant in life is change. As for your workplace and career, it’s the same. To embrace change is life and the best leaders will always make his subordinates be accustomed to change. As for students, having the ability to learn effectively is the most important skill. Student life is all about consuming information and learning.
The student who studies for science and even students who study management and marketing, the ability to learn and improvise affects their quality of work. As we know, time is essentially the change that happens and being able to embrace the change helps us assemble our life to maximum efficiency.
The work tasks and assignments that are given out to students require them to be evolving and attain new skills to reach higher on the ladder of competence. To have continuous growth and streak of performance, the person’s talent has to be capable of attaining new skills sets and deal with constant changes. In a way, the students have to be learning agile.
To have high learning agility implies that the person has the ability to learn with the intent to boot. The people that are successful at learning are the most capable. Having the right balance of learning ability and the intent to learn is important. One without the other is incomplete and means to an end. The toppers of a class are very learning agile.
Although the ability is the main ingredient of the pie, having a good attitude towards learning is indispensable. If a student is a slow learner it usually slows down his progress but through industriousness a student can overcome his shortcomings. There are 5 personality traits that measure success in life and in them learning agility takes the top place.
On the other hand, if a student is agile and quick in learning but holds a bad attitude towards learning, the outcome is almost never good. Having the competence to learn quickly and not using it is foolish. Not everybody has the agility to learn. The students with very good learning agility are in the top 20% of the fluid intelligence scale.
The potential to learn new skills and adapt quickly has a lot to do with fluid intelligence which can’t really be changed. It’s what you have by birth and at a certain point in life, it becomes to decrease. Also known as fluid IQ which is a controversial topic and better not dives too deep in.
It does hold some weight and no effective ways of increasing fluid IQ have been discovered yet. With age, the crystallized IQ increases with experience but lacking severely in fluid intelligence has life-changing consequences.