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Tips For PTE Academic

PTE Academic is a Computer-Based Engish Proficiency Exam. These tips will help you get the best marks in this exam.
Amit Verma Jul 4, 2019

Tips for Speaking Section

  • Speak at a normal pace.
  • Speak immediately as microphone switches off after 3 seconds if you don't speak.
  • Utilize preparation time to formulate your response.
  • Be fluent and don't use repeating words or fillers.
  • Follow instructions and don't deviate from the content.
  • You will hear other test takers so be prepared and focus on your test.

Tips For Writing Section

  • Write within the word limit.
  • Don't deviate from the content.
  • Always spell check or proofread before submitting.
  • Punctuations are really important.
  • Don't write everything with captial letters.

Tips for Reading Section

  • Skim & Scan to read better.
  • Read the question first to get a better idea.
  • Note the keywords with the given notepad and pen.
  • Use the elimination method in MCQs.
  • Time Management is important.
  • Understand the main idea of the text first.

Tips For Listening Section

  • The audio will be played only once so be attentive.
  • Keep notepad and pen ready for note-taking.
  • Use abbreviations for notes to save time.
  • If you feel you missed few words, let it be. Continue listening to rest of the audio.
  • Do remember that time management is important.