Trivia Questions for High School Students

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Trivia questions can be fun, as well as interesting. You can arrange a trivia quiz at your school with the help of some fun trivia questions. Here are some for high school students, to help you out.

Trivia is gaining importance, as well as popularity nowadays. Trivia questions can help in increasing general knowledge. Trivia questions can be from diverse fields of history, geography, economics, current affairs, general knowledge, music, and sports. Apart from being informative, such quizzes can be a fun activity to arrange.

Fun Trivia Questions for High School Students

» How many number of musicians constitute a big band?

» What is the meaning of the Italian word ‘adagio’?

» Which is the top-selling album to sell more than 10 million copies?

» Which is the largest state in the United States of America?

» Which Beatles song lasted longest on the charts for 19 weeks?

» Which famous document starts with ‘When in the course of human events…’?

» Who said these words – ‘I am the president of United States and I am not going to eat any more broccoli’.

» Besides a dagger and spear, what more is the gladiator armed with?

» Which single name is applied to Holy Roman Emperor Charles the Great?

» Which 20th century war was dubbed as ‘forgotten war’, even after 54,246 U.S. deaths?

» Dover is the capital of which state?

» Which Soviet dictator was training to be a priest when he turned to Marxism?

» Which were the two most popular rock operas of 1969?

» Which civil rights leader did Dorothy Parker leave her bulk of estate to?

» Which nation issued the five dollar bill which was found in the pocket of Abraham Lincoln, when he was shot?

» Which Junior High School musical was canceled in 1994 when Shinnecock Indians objected to the ‘Ug-a-wug’ song?

» Which Michael Jackson album spawned five chart-topping singles?

» Which fruit was forbidden for Hawaiian women to eat by law?

» Which vehicle was invented to circumvent trench warfare?

» Which jazz musician had got his pet name by shortening the name ‘Satchel Mouth’?

» What is the unit of measurement used to measure the height of horse?

» Which is the highest waterfall in the world?

» Where was the sky city concept introduced for the first time?

» Lake Tahoe has only one outlet, name the outlet?

» Which is the world’s first national park?

» What is Alaska’s second most populous city?

Which U.S city is at the highest altitude above the sea level?

» Which is the lowest point on the land of the United States continent?

» SLR is the abbreviation of what in the field of photography?

» Which company is the largest producer of computer software for personal computers?

» What does the abbreviation GUI stand for?

» Which element was discovered by the French chemists Marie Curie and Pierre Curie?

» This American actor grew up believing that the couple raising him were his parents. It turned out that they were in fact his grandparents, and the woman he called his sister was in fact his mother. Name the actor.

» What do you call a village that does not have a church?

» Who was the first African-American player to join Major League Baseball?

» A sports player’s jersey number may sometimes be retired (so that no player is ever allowed to wear the same jersey number again) to recognize and honor his/her contribution to the particular sport. Who was the first ever sportsperson whose uniform number was retired?

» In the book Eat Pray Love, author Elizabeth Gilbert says her favorite Italian word is attraversiamo. What does the word mean?

» The Paramount Pictures logo depicts a mountain peak, hooded by an arc of stars. The mountain peak used in the logo was taken from a painting. Who created the painting?

These were some interesting trivia questions for high school students. These would have given you an idea on the types of questions that should be chosen for trivia quizzes. So, go ahead, and organize a trivia quiz. Have fun!

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