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16 Types of People You Meet in College Dorm Life

Ashmeet Bagga Mar 14, 2019
While staying in a dormitory is an exciting experience, it has its share of surprises too. You may encounter all types of weird and funny people. Some may become your best buddies, while others, represent a certain archetypes of people found in almost all the college dorms.

Did You Know?

Robin Williams and Christopher Reeve were dorm roommates at the Julliard School in New York City in 1973.
When you choose a certain college of your liking, apart from its academic courses, you also check out the accommodation or dorm facilities. The thought of living in a college dorm can be exciting and intimidating to some, due to the uncertainty involved in sharing living quarters with an unknown individual, trying to balance studies and other activities.
Dorm life can be a learning experience where you're likely to discover new and different things almost everyday. From the daily reality of sharing the bathroom with your roommates to burning the midnight oil over an assignment or project in the company of your classmates, college dorm life can truly be memorable if you chose to make it so.
But for someone who is preparing for his first year in college, there can be a lot of questions and concerns about sharing a room with someone who is a total stranger to begin with.
Your roommate is not the only person you will interact with, you will meet many fellow students, but the most common ones you will discover in every college dormitories are given here. As you read along, most of you will be able to identify at least that one typical person you have encountered in your dormitory.

The Fitness Freak

You will always find them in the gym, bulking up their body. Besides their dorm room, the gym is like their second home. This person's entire closet is filled with Nike, Adidas, and Reebok.
Mostly, you see this guy in shorts or gym gear. Working out and drinking protein shakes is their agenda, maybe they must be planning to major in physical education. Also, going by the amount of hours they spend in the gym, they could be on the verge of inventing 10 pack abs.

The Crying Lady

She is ready to break down any moment, tears well up her eyes the moment anybody mentions the word home.
Her life is falling apart 24X7, and you can often see her sobbing in the corridors, in the washroom, maybe on random people's shoulders. Either she was forced to study here or she is very emotional.

The Couple

What do we say about these two lovebirds? Either they entered as a couple or became a couple on the first day itself.
They ensured they got the same room and tend to irritate the hell out of other people with their romantic gestures. You can always spot them together, be it the library, game room, cafeteria, dorm parties. They will always hold each other's hands and won't spend a second alone without their cuddly bun.

The Best Friends Group

No, they won't entertain anybody, they are like a sisters cult who forbids anybody to enter their group. They barely interact with others and are always together.
It's hard to break them apart, because probably they have taken some oath or something. You can often find them hanging out together in one of the girl's room.

Long Distance Relationship Girl

You know the one who is constantly on her phone, texting her boyfriend.
She will miss college parties or won't hangout with her friends in the evening, because she has to talk to her boyfriend who is apparently in some other continent. Most of her idle time is spent conversing with her boyfriend, you can spot her sitting in front of the laptop and grinning because hey, that's her boyfriend.

The Video-Gamer

No, he didn't come to college to study or interact with people, but to play video games! Perhaps, he agreed to stay in a dormitory if he could take all of his video games.
You will rarely find him leaving his room besides going out for his meals. He will play video games the entire day and gladly welcome others into his world of video games.

The Nerd

He/she will never attend any party or any sort of event that does not involve anything related to science or academics.
These individuals will try to share a room with other like-minded students, and you will always see them with a book, cramming up chapters from science or history. They will study the entire year and appear as relaxed as possible during the exams, why? Because unlike other students, they diligently studied 24X7.

Private Tutor

This geek/ private tutor will help others in their studies. He is often seen in various students' rooms teaching them math formulas or science experiments. T
hey like to provide classes for free or maybe just to impress the girls. Either way, other students benefit a lot from him because he makes studying easier.

The Sleeper

Eight hours sleep is not enough for such species of people. Mostly, you will find them sleeping all day long like a log.
The only time they wake up is either to answer nature's call or to hog. Even during exams, they will study for about three hours and later catch up on their sleep. This leaves other students wondering how do they even manage to score in their tests.

The Smoker

This dude's room is always filled with smoke, which makes you think if you should call the fire station.
They smoke at least 50 cigarettes a day as if they are stressed with the entire world's problems. Their room is strewn with ashtrays, of course the only thing people would be gifting them would be ashtrays. They always have stock of their favorite drag in their cupboards for emergencies. They smoke while studying, talking, and eating.

The Party Animal

These individuals are out every night, they don't care about the dorm rules and are definitely not scared of the Resident Assistant.
You will never see them after nine at night and are experts when it come to sneaking out and enjoying at parties. If you want to attend any party, contact these guys. They party till Monday night and Tuesday is their day to recover from all the booze and hangover. But again resume on Wednesday.

The Borrower

The only time you will see them in the room is when they want to borrow something. Borrowing in their language means taking that particular thing from anybody and keeping it with them forever. You are their friend till the time you have something to give them. They certainly don't differentiate between borrowing and taking. Stay away from such people.

The Slob

His amazing idea of "sharing" a room means he puts his stuff in your space and, in return, you let him. This person's room always looks like it was hit by a tsunami and if you happen to share a room with this guy, we wish you luck!
Their clothes are always all over the floor and week-old food waste is still in the room. They are brilliant to mess up the other person's bed too if they don't have any space left on their bed.

Self-proclaimed Musician

This guy or girl thinks he/she is very talented and he is doing the entire floor a favor with his amazing singing and guitar playing sessions. In fact he is making you all question the invention of guitars. He is far from being an amazing guitar player, but you will always see him with his guitar, trying to string a new weird tune.

The Creepy Person

You can't actually figure out if it's his smile or the way he stares at you while you are eating. He will leave no chance of talking to you or every person he sees walking down the corridor. Sometimes, he may even act clingy and would tag along wherever you go.

Gossip Girl

Steer clear from this chick, because the only work she has is to gossip with other people and spread rumors about fellow students. She will stand outside people's door and eavesdrop on their conversation, and yet, you wonder where the rumor started. She has all the juiciest and interesting news about all the students.
Though as freshmen college students encounter many challenges, it surely helps them evolve and grow. Some even make friends for life. These are just a few types of individuals you may come across. Nevertheless, living in a dormitory teaches you how to tolerate people or at least fake it till you finish your course.