U.S. College Campuses with the Coolest Amenities

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Not all college campuses are created equal. True, your goal when attending college should be to earn a degree that will help you further your career after you graduate. You certainly shouldn’t prioritize campus amenities over academic programs when deciding which college to attend.

That said, it can be fun to learn about U.S. college campuses that boast particularly impressive amenities. While most prospective college students tend to assume campus life involves being stuck in cramped quarters with unappealing food, as the following examples prove, plenty of campuses also have a lot to offer. These are just some of the coolest college campuses around.

The Coolest College Campuses and Amenities in the U.S.

University of Missouri’s Tiger Grotto

Although “the real world” may eventually be significantly more stressful than college life, it’s still fair to say college students still have to cope with a certain degree of stress that shouldn’t be dismissed. Many of these students have never been away from home for extended periods of time before. Learning to develop strong study habits while also coping with the difficulties of adapting to a new social environment can feel burdensome from time to time.

Fortunately for students at the University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri, the on-campus recreation center features its own lazy river at the “Tiger Grotto,” as well as a sauna and steam room. Such features certainly make relaxing at the end of a long week much easier!

Virginia Tech’s West End Market

Few people consider campus food to be among the most noteworthy college campus amenities at any school in the U.S. After all, these institutions need to feed a lot of students at a relatively fair price. They can’t do so by serving up gourmet meals, right?

In most cases, that may be true. However, at Virginia Tech, students can stop by West End Market, where they can indulge in meals ranging from lobster to made-to-order steak. We should all feel a little jealous.

Bowling Alleys

This is a college campus perk that can actually be found at a few universities in the U.S., including Lincoln University and the University of Washington.

When you think of the typical college campus recreation center, you probably imagine little more than a small room with a few billiards tables and little else. However, at several schools throughout the U.S., campuses are also home to their own bowling alleys. You almost have to wonder why students would ever feel the need to leave campus for fun opportunities.

Texas State University’s Golf Simulator

Finding time to play a few rounds of golf can be difficult for college students who are fans of the sport. Luckily, for those attending Texas State University, there’s another option: the recreation center’s golf simulator, which allows students to enjoy the experience of golfing without actually traveling to a golf course. It’s a perfectly fine substitute during busy finals season!

Again, none of these examples are meant to dissuade anyone from attending a college with strong academic programs but limited campus amenities. On the contrary, you should focus on academics when choosing a college to attend. Of course, that doesn’t meant you can’t enjoy learning about the features that can make college life even more fun for the students on the college college campuses in the U.S.

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