Unique Research Paper Topics

Mukta Gaikwad Apr 17, 2019
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As students, it's difficult to pick a research topic that will get you a good score. To help you out, here's list of unique research paper topics with a small tip on how to pick a topic...
Writing a research paper takes focused effort, in depth analysis and a writing style that brings out facts with a new perspective. A challenging task as such, does require a topic that will motivate a student. With no dearth of unique research paper topics, pick one that holds your interest.
A topic that you're familiar with or the one that intrigues you will keep you interested in writing the paper. This way the time-consuming activity will seem worth burning the midnight oil.


  • Do alternative political parties get fair treatment during elections?
  • Should third parties be allowed to participate in debating national issues?
  • How does the media help or hinder third parties?
  • What goes into campaign financing system and how can it be optimized?
  • Should terms of senators and congressmen be limited?
  • What are the repercussions of current health systems in developing countries?
  • Research on genesis of Republicans, Democrats and Extremist ideologies.
  • Argue for a policy change that would make democratic process more efficient.


  • Is the current system of public school funding-primarily through property taxes-unfair? How does corruption creep in, in this system?
  • Are the educational courses designed years ago relevant today? What kind of a change needs to be brought in?
  • What is the advantages and disadvantages of magnet and charter schools?
  • Should local school districts be redrawn to create schools that are more equal?
  • Look into the change required in teachers' salaries with respect to the funding schools receive.
  • What should be the ideal strength of a classroom?
  • Are competitive exams good enough to judge the capability of students?
  • Argue about drawbacks of home-school education vs public school education.
  • Research on different perceptions of conservatives, liberals, and radicals on public education.
  • How important is it to include arts in the public-school system?

Youth Issues

  • Should the minimum age for attaining a driver's license be increased? Should this be a global standard?
  • Should the mandatory age for drinking be lowered or raised? Can a 16 year old drink responsibly?
  • Should computer skills be a fundamental part of curricula?
  • Should vernacular schools and schools preaching religious practices be discarded?
  • Should sports be compulsory in schools?
  • What is the extent of moral responsibility of celebrities towards younger generations?


  • To what extent can the financial muscle affect credibility of news?
  • How does the media deal with ethical considerations or conflicts of interest while broadcasting news?
  • Why has sensationalism become such an integral part of news reporting? How does it affect the viewer's psyche?
  • How are bloggers and social networking sites on global platforms changing the face of new reporting? Do they represent the real democratic medium of information?
  • How does affiliation to specific political parties affect delivery, perception and interpretation of news?
  • How has audio-visual media affected radio and print media? Are the latter still relevant?
  • Why has tabloid television become a part of national news?
  • How do political campaigns affect the tone of media and vice-versa?

Television and Films

  • Do TV ratings need re-evaluation with regards to sex and violence on television?
  • What is the moral responsibility of show producers while using television as a mode of mass communication?
  • What difference has voyeuristic TV brought amongst its viewers?
  • Why does television remain the biggest source of passive entertainment? How can it become a source of education and information?
  • What role has television played in preaching values and philosophies of different sects across national boundaries?
  • What is the impact of 24 hours news reporting, live coverage?
  • How do music channels image selling of celebrities?
These topics make you think beyond the superficiality seen by the naked eye and make you delve into its depths for a fresh perspective. Subjects such media, education, politics and every other event related to current affairs has a positive or negative bearing on all of us.
However, most of these topics are the ones that affect us in day-to-day lives, but are ignored under the garb of other important agendas. So if you are aiming to make an impact with your research paper, then a topic that is closely related to your audience will do the trick.
Originality of thought, proximity of topic to the reader, unique writing style and an opinion that makes the reader think are a few ways in making your paper the best one. Hope this list helps you in penning down a paper for a greater cause.