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Wacky Scholarships 2019

Ashlesha Bhondwe Dec 12, 2018
Funding your own education? And the traditional scholarships seem out of reach? Well, here are some wacky scholarships that you can bank on.
Do you have a unique and crazy talent that you want to cash on, to fund your education? Then there are some really wacky scholarships that are meant for you. These scholarships are not included in the mainstream government scholarships for academic or extra-curricular excellence, but as the name suggests they are simply "WACKY!"
The criteria for these scholarships are so bizarre that it would leave you utterly dumbfounded. From winning financial aid for being a redhead to getting money to fund your education because you are left-handed, there are several weird reasons that could get you the financial help that you need. You just have to put your unique talents to the test.
The scholarships listed here are some of the craziest of the lot. Some of them are so downright unreal that it is difficult to believe that they are actual scholarships. This is the reason why many of them often go unclaimed.
What's important is that to know that these are verifiable scholarships that you can actually use to fund your education. Take a look at the section below, so that you can pick one that suits your talents and abilities.

National Candy Technologists Scholarship

For this wacky scholarship you have to be a college senior, junior or sophomore and must have a strong interest in confectionery technology. Along with it you must have completed four years of college in North American university.
The interest will not be enough, you also have to be majoring in food science or a related field with a good G.P.A. 3 and above are preferred. Application deadline 25/03/2019. Amount USD 5,000.

National Potato Council Scholarship

Your curiosity about potatoes can get you into a good fortune for your future education. For this scholarship you need to be a graduate level student and have a flair for surveys.
The other criteria include your grades, academic achievements, field of study, the benefit your survey is to the potato industry, your leadership capabilities and extra-curricular activities. You can get the application in April 2019. Amount USD 10,000.

Tall Clubs International Student Scholarships

Are you so tall that you were just stuck in the back in all your class photos? Well, it's finally paying off. The Tall Clubs International (TCI) awards annual scholarships to members of the society under the age of 21.
The criteria? Well, men have to be taller than 6'2'', and women must be taller than 5'10''. The application deadline 01/03/2019. Amount USD 1000.

Our World-Underwater Society Rolex Scholarship

This scholarship is for the underwater enthusiasts. If you are interested in the underwater disciplines and have a good record as a certified rescue diver or an equivalent post with minimum 25 recorded dives in last two years, then you have a good chance at this scholarship.
The other criteria include, good academic score, fluent English and age between 21 and 26. Once chosen, you will have to pass a NOAA or equivalent physical. Application deadline 01/12/2018. Amount USD 25,000 (maximum).

Little People of America Scholarships

If you are person of short stature and attending or would be attending a college then this scholarship is for you. The LPA association recognizes people with short stature and funds their college education. The application deadline is 30/04/2019. Amount USD 1000.

USBC Chuck Hall Star of Tomorrow

How much do you love bowling ? Do you spend most of your time doing it? Have a certification? Have you won area, regional and national level competition? Well, the USBC offers a scholarship that will help you in your college education.
You have to be a member of the USBC and a student with a good G.P.A. The application should include a 500 word essay, at least two letters of reference and a school's official or unofficial transcript. Application deadline 01/12/2018. Amount USD 6000.

Vegetarian Resource Group Scholarship

You actually can obtain one for being a vegetarian. Each year, the Vegetarian Resource Group (VRG) awards two scholarships worth USD 5000 each and one USD 10,000 scholarship to students who have promoted vegetarianism in their school and community.
As an applicant, you need to submit an essay on how you promoted vegetarianism. You are expected to prove that you follow a vegetarian diet and a healthy lifestyle. High school seniors can apply. Application deadline 20/02/2019.

Twin/Triplet Dorm Room Waiver

One of the wackiest scholarships is the twin/triplet dorm room waiver. It offers you a scholarship for being a twin or a triplet. The criteria include, you should be a freshman and you and your brother must attend the NEO together. The application deadline and the amount may vary.

Clowns of America International Scholarship

This scholarship is applicable for all those who want to entertain people by becoming a clown and have been a part of educational programs related to entertainment, of minimum 10 hours.
Anyone, from a high school student to an undergraduate or a graduate, who wishes to become a professional clown and has been a COAI member for a year(minimum) with a good repute can apply for the scholarship.
You need to provide your personal and experience details along with a photo in makeup. Deadline: 01/03/2019. Amount: May Vary

NDS/DMI Milk Marketing & Dairy Products Scholarship

Pursuing graduation and wish to have a career in Milk marketing or dairy industry? Then you can avail this wacky scholarship. Even junior students, with a good knowledge of various dairy products and areas of dairy sector can apply. A minimum 2.5 G.P.A is mandatory. Application Deadline: 15/04/2019. Amount U.S.D 1500.
There exist scholarships for nearly every characteristic you could imagine! So, if you think your talents allow you to win any of these financial aids, go ahead, and apply for them. You never know, you might just get the scholarship. All the best!