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Ways to Decorate a School Locker

Reshma Jirage Sep 29, 2018
A school locker is your own area where you can store your books, accessories, and what not. Looking for some great ideas to decorate this personal space? Here are some wonderful ways to decorate a school locker.
Schools will be starting soon and you must be eager to get your own locker, where you can safely keep your books and belongings. School lockers come in a variety of colors and styles. They are made from different materials such as steel, iron, plastic, or wood.
Whatever type of locker you choose, always keep it neat and clean. If you are a bit creative, you just can't prevent yourself from decorating this personal space that is exclusively yours. There are a number of fun and easy ideas to help you out at this task.

How to Decorate a School Locker

A school locker reflects your personality, and keeping it well-organized and clean proves that you are disciplined. Decorating a locker is great fun and most girls and boys are enthusiastic about it. Check out these ideas for decorating school lockers.
School locker decoration gives new and inspiring ideas for kids' craft. Before taking up this project, you need to consider the size of your locker and the space available for decorations. You can choose your favorite color or a specific theme. Some of the popular themes are beach, movies, sports, party, hockey, beach party, mice, and book club.
You can also opt for mirrors, colorful ribbons, aluminum paper, acrylic paints, crepe papers, and posters. Most kids love to place mirrors inside their lockers. By trimming it with embellishments, you can convert the ordinary piece of mirror into an exclusive decorative item. Glue shells, colorful feathers and faux jewels can also be used to decorate it.
Wrap a colorful paper inside the locker door to match your mood. You can change the paper according to different seasons. You can also place a holiday-themed paper during the winter and a flower motif in the spring. To be more creative, you can also put hearts and roses on Valentine's Day.
If you are fond of sports, then you can glue a poster of your favorite sport star or sports tickets inside the locker. Or, you can also collect the photos of your favorite pop star/actor/actress and place them in there.
If you select a safari theme for the decorations, then you can glue attractive photos and posters of various wild animals. You can also decorate your locker with photo stickers, cuttings from the magazines or fabric flowers, or creatively make use of paper crafts.
Write small poems or messages from your schoolbooks in your locker to give it a personalized touch. If you want to utilize the maximum space, then you can go for the magnetic attachments for mirrors, clocks, picture frames, and pencil cups. Update your locker with different accessories, such as magnetic pencil holders, magnetic hooks, and a storage shelf.
By adopting these ideas to decorate a school locker, you can express your individuality and creativity and give a personal touch to your cabinet. So kids, don't miss this unique opportunity to get appreciation from your friends.