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Writing a Welcome Speech for High School Graduation

Sheetal Mandora Oct 23, 2018
Are you a valedictorian and need help writing your 'welcome speech' for your high school graduation? Read the write-up for tips on how to write the perfect high school graduation speech and make it memorable.
The welcome speeches for high school graduation are always about highlighting the unforgettable years of school. All the hard work and dedication of students, their teachers, as well as parents are noteworthy. Which is why, writing the perfect speech for your graduation is critical. First of all, begin your speech by thanking everyone for coming.
It's pretty standard and there's not much to ponder over. Welcome any special guests that might be attending the graduation ceremony. Always mention to the guests' status while welcoming them and what their status is, who they represent (organization), and who that person is. The rest of the speech is how you can cleverly "flow" through an excellent speech.

Topics and Points to Include

Keep the speech as simple, brief, and sincere as possible. The audience should be comfortable when they are listening to the speech; sort of relate to it as well. They should be connected to your speech till its conclusion.
  • Apart from thanking any special guest who is in attendance, it is important that you thank your teachers and parents (other family members) as well for their much-needed support, encouragement, help, and any personal assistance for all these years.
  • For the graduating class, praise all your accomplishments and achievements during your years of studying.
  • Take a short journey through the past years. Highlight which events may have changed you all or share any interesting events.
  • Since we wish to keep the speech for your graduation a fun affair, bring in funny anecdotes; talk about exciting cases as well.
  • You can also add funny one liners, some famous graduation quotes, innocent jokes, and/or poems.
  • For fellow students, motivate them to look ahead to a wonderful beginning in their lives. Give advice and add surprising clich├ęs; avoid "spread your wings and fly" and "new chapter in our lives".
  • Express your feelings about the class and how you will miss these fantastic high school days. Talk about setting goals, being responsible, making your teachers, school, and parents proud.
  • Bid farewell to the audience/attendees. And finally, wish your fellow students/graduates all the best and thank them for listening.

Public Speaking Pointers

Now before you get the pen and notepad, there is some "rule of thumb" universally applicable rules about public speaking. Even though it may seem that this speech isn't a huge deal, or cannot be considered a big scale public speaking event, then you'll be wrong to think that.
A welcome speech for your graduation is something that will stay with you, your fellow students, teachers, and parents for the rest of your life. So make the most of it because not every day you're going to graduate.
  • While coming up with your valedictorian speech, remember who's going to listen to your speech: parents, students, teachers, and other family members and friends.
  • Avoid controversial and negative speech topics. Create a light and positive atmosphere at the event with your speech. Always show how excited and honored you are to be the valedictorian.
  • Bring yourself in the speech, but keep the language of the speech ceremonial.
  • The speech is not an examination. So keep your head clear and enjoy the day to the fullest.