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What are the Benefits of Going to College?

Manali Oak Sep 29, 2018
Why should you go to college? Apart from giving you education, attending college benefits you in several other ways. It makes you more competent and helps develop your personality. It gives you a chance to gain exposure to the real world, and it helps you know yourself.
During school years, one awaits college days and for years after college has ended, one recalls them. This is precisely what college years are! They are long-awaited and remembered for long. Those are the years which pave one's career path and shape one's personality. They are the most colorful years of one's life. The benefits of attending college are many.

A College Degree

One of the primary benefits of going to college is being able to obtain a college degree. A college degree helps you propel your career in the right direction. It opens doors for good job opportunities.
A bright college career can fetch you an excellent job, and it goes without saying that a good job can earn you good money. A college degree goes a long way in building a bright career and gives you excellent job prospects.

Enhancement of Soft Skills

College education helps in building analytical and reasoning skills. College years are filled with academic as well as extracurricular activities.
Projects, exams and demonstrations build self-confidence and enhance communication skills. College education is vital role for developing analytical thinking, reasoning and problem-solving skills which help you in life.

Discovery of Hidden Talents

There are clubs in college that give you a chance to take part in various activities like sports, community service, and environmental awareness campaigns, among others.
There are clubs dedicated to a particular sport or a hobby like photography, cooking, or pet training to name a few. Being a member of such clubs gives you the opportunity to nurture your hobbies or cultivate new ones. There are events built around acting, music, and other art forms. They serve as the best platforms for young artists to display their skills.
College magazines and newsletters are an effective platform for budding writers. Most extra-curricular activities include campaigns (an election campaign to promote yourself or your idea). They help develop skills to market yourself.
Taking part in these allows you to discover your hidden talents. College helps you discover yourself and know who you truly are.

Experience of Administration and Leadership

There are student councils where you can gain experience in administration and leadership.
The concept of student governments in college gives you a glimpse of the real-world government, as it includes elections to different positions that have their own powers and responsibilities.

Exposure to Competition

Be it exams, course work, sports, or any other activities, you are most exposed to competition during college. You may win or lose, but what counts more is that you competed.
This spirit to 'participate' without fearing failure is an important lesson that you learn during college. Competitions may lead you success or failure. It is important to be able to take both successes and failures in the right spirit.


If you are staying away from home, you learn to manage your finances and live by yourself, thus becoming independent. The provision to also take up jobs during college years, increases your exposure to the real world.
And with this come other benefits like developing contacts, work ethic, and management skills. In many different ways, college leads to the overall development of your personality.
Perhaps, the most important benefit of going to college is the environment it offers. It gives you the opportunity to be part of a large group. It gives you the opportunity to understand different points of view on different aspects of life. The college years give you friendships that last for a lifetime and experiences to cherish all your life.