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What Are the Chances at ISB With a Sub-700 Score

Crackverbal Aug 7, 2019
The most sought after question by many students and aspirants, wanting to get an admission to the Indian School of Business, is “Do I need a 700 GMAT score for ISB?”. The answer to this question is “Yes”.
You will be competing against the best of the industry minds as well as people who have an extraordinary resume.
So, if you feel your profile to be average in terms of work experience, say from IT industry, then you need to know that this industry has a big number of applicants. The only way you can stand out from the rest of the applicants is by acquiring a good score.
For the 2015 session at ISB, GMAT average score was 711, and around 80% of the ISB class strength had scores ranging from 680 to 750.

So it stands to reason that anyone with a very average profile must aim to beat this average GMAT score to make up to the ISB.
Though ISB has been stating for years that diversity is a key factor in their admission process, there have been cases before and even recent trends show that ISB is focusing more on application essays, profile and average GMAT score.
However, it is always better if you are called out first on the basis of a good score in the examination.

Again, selection to ISB depends on several factors. It is, therefore, better to score good and ensure your chances of getting an admission.
You can find more details about ISB's selection profiles on Crackverbal’s Isb-admit-low-gmat-score.

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