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What Are The PTE Academic Communicative Skills?

Neha Aggarwal Jun 19, 2019
The communicative skills in PTE academic are listening, reading, speaking & writing.

In this story, we will explore what these skills are about and what are the questions that come under it. Communicative skills are scored individually depending upon specific questions.


Your ability to comprehend English through Listening is evaluated through the various question in the exam:
  • Part I Speaking & Writing: repeat sentence, re-tell lecture, answer short question
  • Part III Listening: Every question of this section


Do you think you are a good reader? It's very important to make reading a habit for PTE Academic.
Ability to comprehend written English is scored through these questions:
  • Part I Speaking & Writing: read aloud, summarize written text
  • Part II Reading: Every question of this section
  • Part III Listening: Highlight correct summary, highlight incorrect words


From your oral fluency to pronunciation, lot’s of things matter when it comes to speaking. Only one section is involved in Speaking Score’s evaluation:
  • Part I: Speaking & Writing: Read aloud, repeat sentence, describe image, re-tell lecture, answer short question


The way you structure your response, spellings, punctuations. You know the drill, these are the questions that are evaluated score you on writing:
  • Part I Speaking & Writing: Summarize written text, essay
  • Part II Reading: Fill in the blanks (listed)
  • Part III Listening: Summarize spoken text, fill in the blanks, write from dictation