What is a Good SAT Score

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What is a Good SAT Score

If you are curious about what a good SAT score is, this article is just what you need to read. Here, I provide you with a general overview of the same.

One of the prime determining factors of your educational future, is going to be your SAT score. It is no wonder that your SATs are going to give you a lot of sleepless nights and you are naturally going to be worried about what constitutes a good score. In this article, I provide an overview of SAT reasoning tests, along with information about what is the average scoring range in America and what kind of score will be considered to be ‘Good’ by most universities.

About SAT Scores

All over USA, Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) reasoning score, decides your eligibility for college. A good performance in SATs can land you into colleges of your choice. The test was introduced with the purpose of assessing a student’s abilities and preparation for college. SATs must be cracked, if you want the best universities in USA to open their doors for you. Recommendations, your GPA, and extracurricular activities do help of course, but an excellent score is necessary to get a scholarship for college.

There are three prime sections, with respect to which you are evaluated. These sections are mathematics, writing, and reading. You need proficiency in each section to score well. Every one of the three SAT sections are based on a scoring scale, extending from 200 to 800.

The score is a combined total of your score in each section. The scoring range extends from 600 to 2400. So the perfect score is obviously 2400.

The three and a three quarters of an hour long test can be grueling and the student needs to prepare for it quite systematically. The fee for the test is about USD 47 for US citizens and it is conducted by the College Board. Test material and guidance is available on the College Board website. It also conducts SAT subject tests, which can improve a student’s credentials in the educational arena.

Good Scores

When you send in your applications to a university admission board, it includes your SAT reasoning test scores, your GPA, recommendations from your teachers, and a report of your extracurricular activities as well. All this is considered to gauge your personality and your abilities. A good score can make a big impression, along with a high GPA. In USA, the average score hovers around the 1500 mark. To be separated from the pack and be considered for admission, it is advisable that you score in excess of 2100.

That magical figure of 2100 must be surpassed, if you want to be considered by university boards all across USA. For that, you will have to score really well in all three departments: mathematics, writing, and reading.

A score in excess of 700 in each, will guarantee that you end up with a high SAT score. While the highest score is 2400 and achieving it is quite tough, anything above 2100 will ensure that you are considered favorably by admission committees.

Take help from online test material and other resources made available in your high school library. Only practice and perseverance is going to pay off, when it comes to SAT testing. Give your 100% to preparation and you are bound to score well. All the best!

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