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Important Suggestions to Choose a Major

Saptakee Sengupta Apr 21, 2019
We live a protected life in the school environment, and that is entirely different from the challenges that one would face when in college. The first thing that brings nervousness is the question of the degree to go for, and the major to choose. Read on to find how to make the apt decision.
Majoring in a subject means acquiring specialization in that particular discipline. Colleges offer a wide range of courses, but selecting a particular subject is purely your choice.
You need to introspect and find out what interests you before heading towards the path of career development. This segment shall help you with considerations to be made prior to making a decision.

What Should I Major In?

That is surely the big question as this particular decision would go a long way in securing your future. Focus on these factors and that should be a tool to decide your major.

Self Analysis

Self analysis implies reviewing your intellectual strengths for a constructive career planning. You have to start with thinking of the subject that fascinates you the most, the subject that you are passionate about.
The more you think, your interests will be streamlined and you will be able to take the right decision. Predict your future academic success with the subject you have finally chosen.

Say No to Pressure

Do not take any decision under influence. Parental and peer pressure is very obvious. If such is the situation, make your parents understand with proper justification. You might have fetched less marks in your favorite subject as compared to the other subjects, so your parents may want you to move ahead with something else.
In such a situation, you need to express your opinion in front of them and clarify your interests. It is good to take their advice as they are much experienced with life than you are and could offer some genuine advice, but you should eventually decide for yourself after considering all other factors.

Professional Advise

In case you are confused and see no way out, seek advice from a career counselor. There are a lot of professional sources that offer career guidance. College counselors are also of great help. They will give you the required details about the professional courses and the possible career opportunities.
The internet is another place to seek guidance, where people from all walks of life with rich and varied experience can help you decide, with examples and input from their personal and other's experiences.

Be Informative

Not all colleges have every discipline, subject or major available. Before choosing a college major, you need to gather detailed information about the courses offered by them.
You have to make a detailed search over the Internet to make yourself aware of the best colleges that have the course you wish to pursue. The other option is to talk with recruiters and counselors.

Know Thyself

Mentioned here is a self analysis test that will help you to know more about yourself and then weigh the options. Quiz yourself and find out the answers.
  • What kind of assignments did you like the most at school?
  • Which subject did you study most minutely?
  • How were you as a student? Intelligent, laborious or casual?
  • Which subject fascinates you the most?
  • What's the actual motive for going to college?
  • In which subject did you put the maximum effort during high school exams?
  • In which subject did you perform the best?
  • How restrictive would your major requirements be?
  • Why do you want to major in that discipline?
After you have answered these, write them down on a piece of paper and try to chalk out a plan. Procure every detail about your career choice. This includes its future prospects, job opportunities, growth and research prospects. Take a wise decision and make every effort to achieve what you have planned for yourself.