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Why Is Essay Writing So Important in Education?

Lisa Smith Jun 7, 2019
The post deals with the importance of essay writing and acquiring proper writing skills during college education. It gives insight on how these skills are important for our future and what we gain while dealing with our college writing assignments.
From the moment we start school, to the very end when we graduate and pick up our diploma, we study and learn so many different things that most of them are hard to even remember.

We deal with different areas of study, subject matter that is more or less useful, and topics we may or may not enjoy.
Although it’s hard to pin down the most important things we learnt, there are some that simply stand out. Essay writing and learning how to write a paper is a highly useful skill every college student should have under their belt.

Let’s break it all down and see what’s the link between college education and essay writing.

1. Memorizing Better

Why is college education important, if not to help us acquire general knowledge about the world around us?

In the sea of all the assignments, projects, and endless information we need to memorize, it’s hard to acquire actual knowledge to stick with us for the long run.
However, essay writing can help us memorize the information we write about and get the most out of the time and energy we invest into writing it. When we write an essay, we:
  • learn as we write
  • process information
  • make judgements
  • form opinions
  • memorize information

This is one of the major benefits of writing an essay, which makes it so important for our overall education.

2. Raising Awareness

Essays don’t have to be strictly about literature, science, or any other school-related topic. We can use essays to express our own opinions, ideas and help people open their minds to kindness, tolerance, and understanding.

If you think about school and what is education, shouldn’t our primary goal be to become good people?
As a young college student, you can write essays about the major problems in society, struggles college students experience, or how to overcome a certain crisis.

Here are a couple of essay ideas for you.
  • Essay about stereotype
  • Essay about why education is important
  • Essay about addiction
  • Essay about being homesick
  • Essay about struggles with academic success
  • Essay about finding inspiration and motivation to work hard
Whatever, in your opinion, deserves to be covered, go ahead and write about it. It will find its audience and a way to reach out to the right people.

3. Writing as a Universally Valuable Skill

Another reason why college education is so important is that it prepares us for the real world once we graduate. It’s supposed to make us ready to face the challenges of adulthood such as finding a job, starting a family, and being successful.

The truth is, regardless of which career you decide to pursue, writing is a universally valuable skill which you’ll need to use to achieve your goals. You’ll need writing skills for:
  • writing your CV
  • applying for a job
  • sending business emails
  • writing project descriptions to investors
  • communicating with the people around you
Therefore, make sure you use the time you have during college to write a paper or an essay about everything you’re interested in, apart from the assignments assigned by the professor.

Additional Thoughts

It’s obvious that essay writing is extremely important for your college education. However, what about those of you who simply can’t manage to write their essays on their own?
If you’re struggling with essay writing, you can find essays online to buy and start from there. Learn from those essays and try working your way to writing your own papers.


Your education is like a roller-coaster ride. Sometimes you’ll feel ecstatic as if there’s nothing stopping you to conquer the world. In other moments, you’ll feel afraid and regret upon why you even started the whole thing. However, it’s important you stay persistent.
Make the best out of your education and the essay writing assignments you’ve got ahead of you. Practice the right skills and you’ll be greatful about it in the future.